Friday, January 11, 2013

SIM card is not recognized in Nexus 7 3G

I have got a Nexus 7 3G with UMTS and a 1and1 Micro Sim Card. When I insert it and push into the tablet, N7 just says it isn't inserted. The battery is fully enough. Then I call on 1&1, the card has probably been activated. Try removing and re-seating it buy not working. How can I fix the Sim card is not recognized issues? Have you any advice for me?

Today I clamp Micro-Sim in a plastic extension and make it as the normal SIM card. After testing on my mobile phone, I cann't enter pin numbers and still get the same problem.

Finally 1&1 send a new SIM card to me. Now the N7 does detecte it and I am bale to connect to 3G networks. I think it is a hardware issues.

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