Saturday, January 5, 2013

Klipsch Image S4A In-ear Headphones with Microphone

Earbuds and wireless headsets offer a good way to listen music with Android phone/tablet. I love the audiophile quality sound. Can you suggest a good pair of in-ear headphones that have a built in mid?

Klipsch Image S4A In-ear Headphones for Android with Inline Microphone is definitely total ear candy. I get S4A model to replace an old pairs and they come with decent functionality and nice sound quality for my Nexus 7 tablet, even isolating noise fairly good. I have wear them for 3 hours and feel very comfortable.

If you have an Android phone, it is easy to control music or radio app within the accessory. That works fine with my Samsung Droid device. However, two extra buttons only work with Apple iPhone/iPad, and  center button donesn't work on Galaxy S III.

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