Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Disable Facebook for Android Notifications

If you have setup Gmail/Google+/Facebook syncing progress on multiple Android device, such as Nexus 7 tablet and N4 phone. Everything you get new request or message, the notification will display simultaneously on all devices. It is annoying.

* If you haven't upgraded to Android Jelly Bean OS, go to mute all the notifications. Within the Facebook app, touch Settings from the in-app menu. Scroll down to Notification option, uncheck it to disable all notifications like messages, comments and wall posts.
* For Jelly Bean users, open app drawer, tap Settings > Apps > FaceBook, uncheck "Show notification" option and tap OK to confirm it.
* If you don't want to receive notifications from specific friends, try these tips. Open the Facebook app, tap on the three lines button. Within navigation panel, type in the contact name you would like to block into search box, select it, tap on message >  information button and then turn off notification from this conversation.

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