Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hide Android Screen Keyboard When Using Bluetooth Keyboard

The virtual on-screen keyboard is very useful on touch tablet. However, when I get a an external Bluetooth keyboard to connect with my Nexus 7 Android 4.1, it keep popping up and always let me make mistake. I have to move the cursor and touched the screen to hide it. That also happen on my Samsung Note 10.1 and Droid3 with lapdock. Finally I find solutions to solve the problem.

How to Hide Android Screen Keyboard When paired with Bluetooth Keyboard
* Null Keyboard prevent on-screen keyboard from popping up all the time. After you have installed it on your device, you need to  activate it. Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard, and check the box with "Null Keyboard". When you are edit email or write message with friend, just change the input method to it. To get it working better,  you can use Tasker app to automatically toggle input method.

* AnySoftKeyboard detects a key press event from an external keyboard and then automatically hide the on-screen one. Once it is installed, go to Settings > Languages, and tick AnySoftKeyboard. Then tap on its settings button and check "Hide keyboard on physical key" box. This is the best way if you often need to switch between two keyboard.

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