Sunday, January 6, 2013

Google Wallet not working on Nexus 4 phone

The wallet works fine on my original Nexus 4 withont any issues. After making a RMA replacement unit and trying to set up wallet app, it shows up "setting up....wait about 5 min" and then error message "Wallet is unable to proceed until this device is fully initialized. Make sure the phone has network access and try rebooting if the problem persists." My phone does connect to network and others work as normal. Go to clear app cache/data, and do a factory reset but it still fails.

How to fix Google Wallet mobile app not working issues on Android
* If you have made a data backup with your first defective N4, have a try to restore it to the replacement device and that may solve the problem.
* It seems to be a hardware issue. The NFC Chip of SIM cardprevents users from accessing the app in the device. The best way is to use a different SIM card until Google fix the issues.

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