Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fix Process stopped unexpectedly Error

My Android smartphone lost the USB connection capability after an  update installed. When I try to access some custom settings like setup wallpaper or USB, it just pops up an error message "Process stopped unexpectedly. Try again." I am also unable to open browser, message and call app. If I make a force close, both settings and apps are gone. The only way to do is to remove my SD card and then connect it to my PC computer directly. IS there a solution for fixing the issues?

You have to reset settings app if it keeps crashing. here is the step by step to resolve your USB problems.
* Go to Setting and select Applications > All.
* Scroll to the bottom of screen, click Settings and then "Clear data" button. Now you would plug it in with USB cable without any issues.
* If it is still not working, go to do Factory reset on the device.

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