Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nexus 4 camera not taking pictures issues

I have got a new nexus 4 phone and don't mess with settings and roms. Everything worked fine without any issues since tonight. When I focused on my wife and other subjects and pressed the shutter button to take pictures, it didn't automatically send them to my image gallery. Today I still get the issues. Only random 10 of 30 taken pictures are there.

How to fix "Nexus 4 camera not taking pictures" problem
* This is definitely a bug with the android app. Catching any picture is not working. I notice that camera runs slowly and has one second delay.
* You could temporarily close the app and restart it again to use. The solution is to power off the device and turn it back on.
* The picture gallery doesn't update fast, so you can the files explorer app to see if the files are in the DCIM folder of your SD card.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs LG Nexus 4 comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Nexus 4 become two of the most in-demand phones in the world now. Here is the comparison specifications with them.

Device Name Samsung Galaxy S3 Google Nexus 4
Dimensions 70.6mm * 137mm * 8.6mm 68.7mm * 134mm * 9.1mm
Weight 133g (4.69oz) a lighter device 139g (4.9oz)
designs Larger surface area, but thinner A glass front and back with a plastic band.
Display Screen 4.8in Super AMOLED,
720 x 1280, 306ppi
4.7in IPS,
768 x 1280, 320ppi
Processor US: Qualcomm S4 1.5GHz dual core
Global: Samsung Exynos Quad 1.4GHz quad core
Impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5GHz quad-core
memory RAM US: 2GB
Global: 1GB
Storage 16GB, 32GB or 64GB model with a microSD card slot 8GB or 16GB models, without SD
Wireless 3G, LTE 3G HSPA+ with 42Mbps speeds
Battery a removable 7.8Wh (2100mAh) battery. 7.8Wh battery, but it isn't accessible.
rear facing cameras 8Mp, support recording video in full HD 1080p
front facing camera lens 1.9Mp 1.3Mp
OS Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Android, 4.2 Jelly Bean with?additional features

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Play YouTube Videos Non-Stop in Background on Android

The official YouTube app doesn't support the way to play videos non-stop in the background on Android device. If you are just switch from  Spotify app to Youtube, you will notice you can't listened the playlists on Android device, like Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

How to Play YouTube Videos Non-Stop in the Background on Android
* NextVid – YouTube player from the Play Store is a medie app for playing YouTube videos and songs in the background without any Ad.
* To import YouTube Playlists to NextVid, you need to set your playlists from private to public. Login to YouTube homepage, click on the Playlist link on the left sidebar of screen, go to Manage tab, click the lock icon, and then select Public option.
* I have install it on my Nexus 7, but wouldn't play. The tablets version needs some improvement, such as channel access, forward, and loop option.

How to Disable Facebook for Android Notifications

If you have setup Gmail/Google+/Facebook syncing progress on multiple Android device, such as Nexus 7 tablet and N4 phone. Everything you get new request or message, the notification will display simultaneously on all devices. It is annoying.

* If you haven't upgraded to Android Jelly Bean OS, go to mute all the notifications. Within the Facebook app, touch Settings from the in-app menu. Scroll down to Notification option, uncheck it to disable all notifications like messages, comments and wall posts.
* For Jelly Bean users, open app drawer, tap Settings > Apps > FaceBook, uncheck "Show notification" option and tap OK to confirm it.
* If you don't want to receive notifications from specific friends, try these tips. Open the Facebook app, tap on the three lines button. Within navigation panel, type in the contact name you would like to block into search box, select it, tap on message >  information button and then turn off notification from this conversation.

Hide Android Screen Keyboard When Using Bluetooth Keyboard

The virtual on-screen keyboard is very useful on touch tablet. However, when I get a an external Bluetooth keyboard to connect with my Nexus 7 Android 4.1, it keep popping up and always let me make mistake. I have to move the cursor and touched the screen to hide it. That also happen on my Samsung Note 10.1 and Droid3 with lapdock. Finally I find solutions to solve the problem.

How to Hide Android Screen Keyboard When paired with Bluetooth Keyboard
* Null Keyboard prevent on-screen keyboard from popping up all the time. After you have installed it on your device, you need to  activate it. Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard, and check the box with "Null Keyboard". When you are edit email or write message with friend, just change the input method to it. To get it working better,  you can use Tasker app to automatically toggle input method.

* AnySoftKeyboard detects a key press event from an external keyboard and then automatically hide the on-screen one. Once it is installed, go to Settings > Languages, and tick AnySoftKeyboard. Then tap on its settings button and check "Hide keyboard on physical key" box. This is the best way if you often need to switch between two keyboard.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nexus 4 in call volume too lower/louder

I have got my LG nexus 4 16GB and hook it up with TMobile SIM card. When I try a test phone call with my wife, it comes with poor quality sound from the small speaker. The call volume is too low. My wife hear the callers voice clearly on the smartphone. It is very difficult to hear what she was saying for me.

Then I go to the setting and setup the volume to maximum level, and use Music Volume EQ app to improve sound quality. However, I am still experiencing the problem and sound is extremely harsh and unbearably loud. I have to put it away from my ear.

It seems to be a audio output bug with Android 4.2.1. To fix the issues and get it working as normal, use volume rocker app to raise the volume setting to the max while in call and then lower it back down.

How to turn off 3G data usage on Nexus 4

I have limited 3G data plan with my Nexus 4. Now I often get the phone to the place where there has strong wifi signal. To save money, I need to turn off the 3G usage and still be able to use wifi for browsing and reading mail. However, if I enable Airplane mode, it will kill all connections. Is there a way to toggle 3G?

* From home screen, tap Settings app and select "Wireless & networks". Go into "Data usage" and you will see the "Data Enabled" option. Un-check it to turn off 3G data usage.
* There are many Android apps and widgets offering the functionality, such as MoreQuicklyPanel or SettingsExtended in the google app store. They seem to be also working fine for the 3g HSPA+ with Nexus 7 tablet.

Friday, January 11, 2013

SIM card is not recognized in Nexus 7 3G

I have got a Nexus 7 3G with UMTS and a 1and1 Micro Sim Card. When I insert it and push into the tablet, N7 just says it isn't inserted. The battery is fully enough. Then I call on 1&1, the card has probably been activated. Try removing and re-seating it buy not working. How can I fix the Sim card is not recognized issues? Have you any advice for me?

Today I clamp Micro-Sim in a plastic extension and make it as the normal SIM card. After testing on my mobile phone, I cann't enter pin numbers and still get the same problem.

Finally 1&1 send a new SIM card to me. Now the N7 does detecte it and I am bale to connect to 3G networks. I think it is a hardware issues.

How to remove/block ads without root

There are many advertising on the internet world if you go to browse the website. To get more faster browsing and save the 3G data, you need to use Android App to help do that. Adblock Plus from Google Play blocks all annoying ads on your phone or tablet without root required.

I have installed Adblock Plus on my nexus 7 32G model. First impression is very positive. It works ok while used the stock browser and chrome app. It also remove the built-in ads of some apps.

However, some apps completely cut off from the internet. If I open a YouTube video to watch, it just says it has a network problem. For IM messager, it is useless to me. It constantly turns off and then blocked all connections. Hope the developer fix the issues soon.

Nexus7 android 4.1.1 system is up to date issues

I've set up my nexus 7 32gb and it works fine except the updates. When I go to Settings > info, it shows up Android version 4.1.1 build number and not the latest version 4.2. Tap Settings > Applications > All and clear the Cache and Data of Google Services Framework, then check for updates again but still not working. Does anyone know how to fix this problem, so that I can get ahead?

How to fix android device won't update to 4.2 issues
* Performing a factory data reset on the device. That will delete all your data. Touch Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset, and select "Reset tablet" and then "Erase everything". Power down the N7, Press and hold Power + Volume Down into Recovery mode, and select "wipe data/factory reset".
* If still not working, try to flash the factory images for Nexus 7.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sleep/wake button issue on Nexus 10

The sleep/wake button is not working fine on my brand new Nexus 10 with Android 4.2 OS. The tablet goes into sleep after I press the sleep button. Then I press the button again to wake it up, the device just shows Google logo and then brings up the power off menu. These issues happen while I plug it into wall charger or not. However, if I connect to PC computer, the sleep/wake works as normal. How to get back the normal function?

It certainly is a hardware issues and the contact switch is worn out on your device. A number of people get tons of problems with the button. To solve the problem, you need to open up the tablet, clean out dust and dirt, and then re-seat the button. But that will void your warranty. You'd better exchange with new nexus.

Nexus10 shut down if connect/disconnect Charger

I have the issues while going to connect or disconnect Charger. When the battery indicator of my Nexus 10 gets red waring, I put it into sleep mode and plug in the charger. However the tablet shuts down itselt. That also happens after charged overnight. I remove the charger, it display  'empty red' status with battery life and then shut down. Doing a factory reset is not working. Try with other android phone and everything works fine.

I notice that many users reports the N10 shut down many times without any reason. It seems the original accessory doesn't fit the N10. If I switch to my Samsung Galaxy phone charger, the problem is solved. That should be a hardware issue. The best way is to call  Google and get replacement.

How to fix Unfortunately, Clock has stopped problem

My Google Nexus 10 shows the correct time but the stock clock app seems to stop working suddenly. It starts displaying "unfortunately, Clock has stopped" error message with "report it" or OK button and keep crashing after I go to create other user for my wife and add a clock widget. My Nexus 7 updated to Android 4.2.1 also get the same issues when I touch the Clock app. Tap Settings > apps > all apps > clock > clear cache and data, but not working.

How to fix Unfortunately, Clock has stopped issues on android device
* If you don't need the clock app, removing clock widget from all  accounts should solve the problem.
* Getting rid of the old alarm clock database by doing these steps:
* Open the Terminal Emulator and run the commands:
$ su
# cd /data/data/
# mv alarms.db alarms.db.bak

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Video player apps for nexus 4

Many file formats are not supported by stock Android player, like playing iPhone .mov, .mkv files. It seems to be a codec issue. However, third party enhanced video player apps from Google app store resolve the problem.

Best Video player apps for nexus 4
* MX Player
One of the best video player. It supports multi-core core processing, so HD movies play without any lag. Easy to forward/rewind and zoom in/out. With new update, it is good but has few issues. Some h/w mode formats are not allowed to fast forward.
* VPlayer 3.x
Supported file formats include 720p MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, TS, M4V and 3GP, even 1080p. You are able to play streamed videos like YouTube,  Facebook and Dropbox.
* BSPlayer
It is compatibile with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean MR1 and supports for almost all media files and samba share stream. Playing 720p videos without skipping but no Rock chip support.

Snapshot not working issue on Android 4.2

After updated to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, I am unable to take a screenshot on my Nexus 7 by pressing power and volume down at the same time. There is no snapshot and no screenshot sound coming up on the tablet. It just show up maybe your phone is rooted, but I have not rooted device. Is there a android 4.2 issue? How can I fix the issues?

* You need to press both buttons together and hold them for 2 se time. Works fro me. If the volume display comes up, doing the snapshot is not working.
* Using third party apps like screenshot ultimate. It allows you to
capture your screen, edit and share multiple pictures on your tablet and phone, without requiring root. You can also buy the pro version to get more useful features.

How to check 3G/WiFi Speed on nexus7 3G HSPA+

I have handed on Asus Nexus 7 32GB 3G HSPA+ tablet and I am wondering how fast is the connection data with my Android device if accessing the internet. Here is the step by step about how to test and check out your Wi-Fi or 3G speeds.

* Download and install the Ookla's Speedtest application from app store. It helps you evaluate the speed of your 3G, EDGE and Wi-Fi within 30 seconds.
* Open the App, simply tap on the Begin Test button in the main  interface. Waiting for a few moments, Speedtest will display the download and upload speeds and automatically save it. if you want to see the previous test results, select the results button at the top of screen.

The app works perfectly on my Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Motorola XOOM. Only complaint is that it doesn't run full screen, just comes with small size and scale on all tablet.

Google Wallet not working on Nexus 4 phone

The wallet works fine on my original Nexus 4 withont any issues. After making a RMA replacement unit and trying to set up wallet app, it shows up "setting up....wait about 5 min" and then error message "Wallet is unable to proceed until this device is fully initialized. Make sure the phone has network access and try rebooting if the problem persists." My phone does connect to network and others work as normal. Go to clear app cache/data, and do a factory reset but it still fails.

How to fix Google Wallet mobile app not working issues on Android
* If you have made a data backup with your first defective N4, have a try to restore it to the replacement device and that may solve the problem.
* It seems to be a hardware issue. The NFC Chip of SIM cardprevents users from accessing the app in the device. The best way is to use a different SIM card until Google fix the issues.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fix Delete account failed 503: Service Unavailable on Android

I have setup multiple accounts within the built-in Android email app and everything works fine. Today when I attempt to delete an Gmail account, it just displays error message "Delete account failed – 503 : Service Unavailable." Is there a way to get rid of the issues?

How to fix email problem on Android device
* You need to reset the Email app. Note: That will clear its data settings but not remove any messages, so you'd better make a backup first.
* From home screen, tap on Setting > Applications, and choose Email app.
* Tap on the "Clear Data" icon and reboot your phone. Now you are able to access the app and re-setup all email accounts to receive and send information.

Fix Process stopped unexpectedly Error

My Android smartphone lost the USB connection capability after an  update installed. When I try to access some custom settings like setup wallpaper or USB, it just pops up an error message "Process stopped unexpectedly. Try again." I am also unable to open browser, message and call app. If I make a force close, both settings and apps are gone. The only way to do is to remove my SD card and then connect it to my PC computer directly. IS there a solution for fixing the issues?

You have to reset settings app if it keeps crashing. here is the step by step to resolve your USB problems.
* Go to Setting and select Applications > All.
* Scroll to the bottom of screen, click Settings and then "Clear data" button. Now you would plug it in with USB cable without any issues.
* If it is still not working, go to do Factory reset on the device.

World clock app with multiple timezones on Android 4.2

There are many great features in Google's Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, such as the beautiful-style world clock app and swipe control. If you have got an OTA update to 4.2 and installed that on your phone or tablet like nexus 7, it will have the ability to add different time zones within multiple cities you want at the single lock screen.

How to enable a world clock with current time of many places on your Android 4.2 lock screen
* From home screen, open the default Clock app.
* There is a small symbol in the bottom center of the screen. It is the location setting. Just touch on the icon, select on whatever cities you want included (e.g. Sydney, New York) and tap on Back button.
* Now go to the main lock screen panel, you should see the new world clock app. To reveal the full list of your cities, hold on the clock and swipe your finger downward. If you want to add its widget to a new panel, swipe to the right, tap a gray plus sign and then "Digital Clock" option.

Klipsch Image S4A In-ear Headphones with Microphone

Earbuds and wireless headsets offer a good way to listen music with Android phone/tablet. I love the audiophile quality sound. Can you suggest a good pair of in-ear headphones that have a built in mid?

Klipsch Image S4A In-ear Headphones for Android with Inline Microphone is definitely total ear candy. I get S4A model to replace an old pairs and they come with decent functionality and nice sound quality for my Nexus 7 tablet, even isolating noise fairly good. I have wear them for 3 hours and feel very comfortable.

If you have an Android phone, it is easy to control music or radio app within the accessory. That works fine with my Samsung Droid device. However, two extra buttons only work with Apple iPhone/iPad, and  center button donesn't work on Galaxy S III.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Light Roboto clcok with Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget

The official Android 4.2 digital Clock widget is re-designed by developer. With the new layout, it comes with the mixture of bold and regular font, no the light Roboto font. There are also some issues while using the clock app, such as incorrect stopwatch notification, and randomly crash and freeze if click the Alarms button.

If you want to still use the old stock clock widget on Android 4.2, Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget by Alamo Apps is what you are looking for. It offers a simple solution to fix the new half bold-half thin  jellybean clock, and gets the font to your liking. The app works fine on a launcher and is compatible with lock screen.

I have installed it on my nexus 7 tablet. Aside from the above features, I am also easy to see my alarm times. If it support adding shadow and shadow color, that would be more great.

How To change Nexus4 Camera Recorded Video/Audio quality

High-end smartphone devices provide 1080p HD video recording at 30fps. When you use LG Nexus 4's Camera to record something, you will notice that the video comes with 12Mbps bitrate and audio sampling at 96kbps by default. Comparing with others, this is very lower.

If you have a rooted Nexus 4 phone, it is easy to safely get better both audio and video output quality with the camera. Just improve it by changing the camcorder bitrates. Here is a tutorial about how to do that.
* First backup your device data. If the method fail, you caould restore without any damage.
* Download and install ES File Explorer from store. Within the app, mount the System as Read-Write mode and go to /system/etc folder.
* Find out the media_profiles.xml file and use Jota Text Editor to access it. Locate the code "<EncoderProfile quality="1080p" fileFormat="mp4" duration="30">", change the Video bitRate from "12000000" to "20000000" and also Audio bitRate from "96000" to "288000" respectively. Once finished, save the setting and restart N4, and then you are able to enjoy recording 20Mbps video with 284kbps sound captured.

How to Check Nexus 4 Stock Status

Nexus 4, Google's latest Nexus smartphone, have been sold out completely in the Google Play Store and become extremely scarce. If you are looking for ordering and getting LG Nexus phone and don't want to pay exorbitant amounts of money through eBay, you have to check the device's availability to see if it is available or not in the U.S and other countries day by day.

How to Check for Nexus 4 Stock Status
* Nexus Checker is a free Android app that allows you to check and  track the worldwide availability. If the Nexus 4/7/10 stock is available on store, you will get a notification alert from the screen.
* Nexus Availability Checker automatically scan the availability of all Nexus devices in your country, like UK and Australia. It has the same features as the above app, but consumers review it with lower ratings.