Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nexus 7 2A Car Charger

Car chargers are a dime-a-dozen, but lets you charge your Nexus 7 on the go. Expensive device chargers can pump out enough juice to charge the tablet and at least won't ruin thes battery.

* Tmvel Gadi 10W 5V/2A Dual Port High Speed USB Car Charger - Heavy Duty
This accessory is compact and light weight. Simply Plug the Tmvel Gadi into your car cigarette port. The Easy-to-see LED displays if the device is connected.
* CrazyOnDigital Dual Car Charger DC Adapter with dual USB Cable, Black
It has two built-in different cables (mini and micro USB), and one plug for 1amp and another for 2amp capability devices. It works well, but doesn't fit well within the cigarette lighter socket.
* Arcadia Rapiduo, 10W 5V/2A Dual Port high-speed USB car charger w/ Free Full Speed Micro-USB Charging Cable (IMP80C)
It is small with sleek design. With dual USB ports, you can charge N7 tablet and a second device at the same time as well. Doing a nice job while using the tablet for GPS.

Stylus Optimized Handwriting on nexus 7

A stylus pen is working for taking notes and I have my nexus 7 for it. Surely the larger screen is better for writing. If you want to get stylus optimized handwriting, you need some Android apps.
Writepad Stylus is great keyboard app that lets you capture your handwriting using either a stylus with a soft rubber tip or your finger and turns your scribble into normal text. It features auto-scroll, custom pen color/size/transparency, flip view, and export page. The app works on any text on the Android system, because it installs itself as an input method.

Writepad has a silky smooth writing experience on my N7  tablet. Simple and effective for taking notes. When combined with a decent stylus, this is a useful app for science and math classes.

Best photo editor app for nexus 7

Android is an amazing platform. In digital age, no matter if you are a photo pro or a beginner at photography, it is easy to transform your nexus 7 into a tablet photography studio using photo editing app.

PicSay Pro - Photo Editor is Android photography app with many useful features, such as distort, sharpen, remove red eye, crop & straighten, insert cutouts, paint, turn color into black and white, add text, word balloons, and support for nexus 7. You can also apply effects like Cross Process, Pencil Sketch or faux HDR.

PicSay friendly boosts the pictures and works wihtout lag, but it needs some improvement. It lacks the ability to use the camera. If you have make a mistake while editing, you have to erase all the objects.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Wi-Fi Shoot shares Videos/Photos by Wi-Fi Direct

There are a few Android devices support Wi-Fi Direct sharing, because the protocol requires Ice Cream Sandwich and jelly bean. Many device haven't included support in the OS system, but Android app could make two phones/tablets to connect and transfer video and photos.

WiFi Shoot! [Beta] wirelessly transmits photos and videos directly from device to device using the WiFi Direct technology. After installing the app on both devices, just select the local media you want to send and tap "Wi-Fi Shoot" from share menu. They will be paired and start beaming.

I have tested it on many devices: nexus 7, galaxy nexus, galaxy s2, galaxy s3, HTC One S, Asus Tf300 and Asus prime.It works flawlessly, better than Bluetooth. Transferred a 50 MB 1080p video in a couple of seconds.

Getting Nexus 7 Latest Updates, News & Apps

I was searching for news app keeping everyone updated with Nexus 7 for a long time. Fortunately I get the Ultimate Google Nexus 7 App by Drippler. It is well managed and gives you only relevant content, such as the latest rumors, stay up-to-date software updates, usage tips, apps & games, tech-support, accessories and more.

Ultimate app is an excellent collaboration of news and general articles with support, recommendations and comparisons. It brings Android users that are in the shadows of technology into the light. There are different category tabs: latest, Popular (Highlights, Weekly, monthly), and deals.

If you have a Nexus 7, this is a must-have app. You are able to customize your news, and put the widget straight to your desktop. But the magnify implementation is poor and it requires two taps.

Syncing Email/Contacts/Calendar from Corporate Exchange server

The Exchange experience is too weak for an Android user. I am a Exchange user and was considering using the Windows Mobile. Now I have discovered the TouchDown HD (for ICS/JB) by NitroDesk, Inc.

If you use Exchange at work, TouchDown HD is a proper Microsoft Exchange client that securely gets access and does syncing to email, contacts, calendars, and tasks from your corporate Exchange server to your tablet. It comes with Outlook-style  view and widgets, and also support filtering and multiple calendar views. Better than the stock one in jelly bean.    

TouchDown HD works with no lag and response quickly on my nexus 7. The app still needs some improvements, such as can't group messages like oulook 2010, and import items into the calendar.

USB output External Battery Charger/Pack for Nexus 7

I will spend a lot of time camping in the outdoors where there is not a near power source. My tablet battery sucks quickly and  I want to take it with me. Can you recommend an external battery pack/charger for Nexus 7 in the market to keep battery for a good long using.

* New Trent IMP120D iCarrier 12000mAh Heavy Duty 2A/1A Dual USB Ports External Battery Pack
The iCarrier IMP120D is the small and weight of a portable unit  with 5V/2A-1A Dual USB Charger that let you have 55 hours battery life. Simple to use when traveling or on flights.
It is compatible with Nexus 7 and many Android phones. I used the orginal asus cable and it stopped, but change to samsung attchment cable and works fine.

* PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack 8400mAh External Battery Pack High Capacity Power Bank Charger Dual USB output
This battery pack, which is a little device to have in your pocket, definitely extends the useful time of your tablet. This is a solid product with a standard Micro-USB connector. A built-in LED flashlight can show state of the charge.
Charging 3 times at full speed and enough to power/charge multiple devices. Perfect of price, and size.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fonus Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset for Nexus 7

I have lost my Skullcandy Earbuds with In-Line Microphone. I want to get a  Stereo BT headset for listening to music on the tablet when I work outside in the yard. Can anyone recommend a best bluetooth stereo headset which has really the good sound in highs, mids and lows?

I have got the Fonus Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset w Microphone Noise Cancellation Handsfree Over-the-head Style Headphone for Nexus 7. The Hi-Fi sound quality is definitely better than most wired headphones I have used with equivalent price. It does stay in place and plush padding offers complete comfort. Easily pair and setup to wirelessly enjoy the stereo music.

Fonus Headset has built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to charge directly via computer's USB port. With On-Board controls, you can adjust Volume, Play, Pause, Next and Back. Everything works well but a little difficult to wear with sunglasses.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Home CCTV system with TinyCam Monitor for android

With home CCTV system using one or more webcams, you can check up on the place when  you are not there and record the burglars. There are many Android apps allowing you to view IP cameras. Here I recommend tinyCam Monitor FREE by Tiny Solutions LLC as one part of home surveillance system.

tinyCam Monitor is a excellent app that remotely surveillance, control and digital video recording for your IP cameras, video encoders and DVRs. Simple to set up and intelligent to use. The update speed (frame rate of around 8fps) is very fast through wifi network.
I test it on my Nexus 7 and monitor two zoneminder cameras in real time. Everything is instant and clear. Controllability of camera from tablet is great. It also features webCamXP support and automaticswitching. If you need more functions, the Pro Version let you view much more cameras on the larger 7-inch screen and scan them on the network.

Turn Nexus 7 into a digital photo frame

I want to use a nice digital picture frame to put on my desk at work, but it need to be horizontal to display the photos at full size. I note that the photos are equally nice on my Nexus 7. Can I turn the 7-inch Android tablet into digital picture frame on office desk?

* First you need to buy a stand to keep it on the desk.
* Then move your photos in a folder. Open gallery app and go into the folder. Pull up a picture and tap "slideshow" to play.
* But the method is not perfect. Some Android app with slideshow capability could help you do the job. Social Frame Free HD Slideshow will turn your device into a digital photo frame when you are not using it. The app automatically syncs all tagged photos from your Facebook, Twitter, RSS (Google+ soon), and features slideshow/transition animations, Clock, Weather and more.

Frost Lite private browser for Nexus7

If you want to go off the records while browsing websites on your android device, you can achieve private browsing or be incognito by using Chrome or Dolphin HD Browser. Is there best private browsing app for Nexus 7?

There are many to choose from and my favorite is Frost Lite private tabbed web browser by Crowbar Solutions. It comes with hidden, password protected image and bookmark stash for saving media with complete privacy, even automatically clears all history and reset after you close the app. Robust set of options is very handy.

Frost Lite works great for nearly all purposes on my tablet and absolutely no crashes. Loading webpage isn't as fast but privates. If your family or friends want to see your device, you can let them use it without worries.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Physical Joystick Controller For Nexus 7 games

All kinds of Android games use virtual joysticks. With a thumb-stick style game controller, you can use it with just any game using joystick. Just pressing them down to apply it.

* Joystick Kit & Game Controller for Google Nexus 7 by SecondShells
The Kit comes with one Joystick, two Additional Suction Cup Controllers. They are transparent and easy to attach and remove. The accessory offers maximum control for precision maneuvers and lets you focus on playing.

* Touchscreen Gaming Joystick Controller For Google Nexus 7 Tablet, By DURAGADGET
Two suction pads is lightweight with coiled design that features auto-centre. Securely attach the Joystick, easily remove and repositioned without residue. Working for CubedRR HD, Pac Man, Reckless Racing HD, Monster Dash, Vector Racing and more.

Note Everything basic note taking app

Using notes digitally instead of on a boring notepad makes your life easier. It is easy to lose traditional paper and taking digital notes are safely saved on device. Some Android apps require an account to use, but Note Everything by SoftXPerience allows you to make personal notes without having to create an account.

Note Everything is a basic note taking app for the compulsive note taker with very high rating. It supports recycle bin, search function, multiselect for batch processing, import from Palm & Outlook and more. To get more add-on feartures like backups, upgrade to the Note Everything Pro.

I have used it for doing things on my nexus 7, such as shopping lists, making diary, list of phone numbers and passwords. Easy to read text/paint notes and organize them in folders. When I sketch out an idea, simple to use, responsive qiuckly and save my work automatically. The developer's web site also has useful tutorials.

Gallery not updating/refreshing photos on nexus 7

I have transferred some photos from my PC computer to my nexus 7's pictures folder in DCIM\camera via USB cable, but I couldn't find them on the tablet. The stock Gallery doesn't update. I try to refresh the app and the new pics don't show up. Going to Setting > apps and clearing the cache and data of Gallery app, but still not working. How can I fix the issues?

You need to re-index the Gallery database on the tablet. Simply rebooting the N7 device. Pressing and holding down power button for 10 seconds then it will boot up.

The tips also works automatically for these status, such as take screenshots, take pictures from the stock camera, and download images from Android app.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper for nexus 7

On Windows computer, Dream Aquarium screensaver offers users an opportunity to see the ultra-realistic vitual fish tank in aquarium. With OpenGL 2.0 supported on Android jelly bean, you can also have the same experience on your nexus 7.
Koi Free Live Wallpaper gives you colorful fish in fully interactive water, supported multitouch and used in both portrait and landscape modes. To apply it, tap Settting > Device > Display, and go to Wallpaper.

The fish are a little cartoonish but look beautiful. While they are swimming, Double-tap to get fish food appear and they come quickly over and start to feed. The background is pretty with the water. Tap  lightly could make waves in the water. Everything is realistic and dynamic. Now I use it daily. But the free version doesn't allows you to custom backgrounds.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Camera ICS+ takes photos on Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 has only a front facing camera for video calling and lacks a camera app. To make the device more cheaper, there is no rear camera. If you want to take/capture photos from the tablet, Camera ICS+ by Moblynx could help you do that.

Camera ICS+ app is improved from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and compatibled with Jelly Bean. It features burst mode, guidelines, timer, take Wide screen pictures, low/medium/high/ultra quality setting. You can also apply some color effects like mono, sepia and negative, and record 720p video.

The app works great on Nexus 7. It has stylish and simple UI and runs smoothly, much better than my Galaxy S3's stock app.  After configure options, I am able to take photos by pressing the volume button. All pics come with excellent quality. Really love the ability to take shots without sound. But the silent mode makes the app crashing.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite for Nexus 7

There are various types of educational resources for kids in Google Play store. For some kids, it is difficult to understand numbers and learn how to maths. A great android app could help you solve the problem.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite by intellijoy gives the kids an fun experience in learning numbers and build basic math skills and practicing skills, including addition, compare, subtraction, name and match numbers.

I have installed the app on my Nexus 7 and my 3-years old daughter love this educational game and enjoy it so far. It is simple to use but varied enough to keep the attention of children and many levels to challenge. A main issue is that the screen orientation randomly switchs between portrait and landscape mode.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Nexus 7 Screen Protector Shield

A screen protector protects the LCD screen of electronic devices from scratches and other damage. If you have bought Nexus 7, a high quality protector is necessary. Is there one protecting the screen from fingerprints and smudges, and also being anti-glare?

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector Shield is specifically designed for Google Nexus 7 tablet, with military grade material engineered. It is very similar to zagg products.
* Comes with nice package with clear and complete instruction.
* Compared to dry/glue type ones, easy to follow and apply it. Fits excellently without air bubbles and nearly invisible, but you'd better leave it alone to settle in for about 8-12 hours.
* It reduces abrasion, grease, fingerprint, erosion, scratch and puncture.
* All touch capabilities of the screen works well and never be affected.
* All together with the lifetime replacement. Definitely recommend the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield.

Samba/CIFS Android client for Nexus 7

With USB cable, the efficient way about transfer data is to connect your Android to computer. If you have Windows PC running Samba/CIFS file share server, you can mount SMB share on your device over WiFi network.

AndSMB (samba client) by LYSESOFT is the best Samba client for Android, which let you access shared folders hosted on Windows or Samba servers over Wifi/3G. After configured and mounted the shared things with authentication, the file browser allows you to rename, delete, create folders, open, download and upload local and remote files, even synchronize folders.

I have tested AndSMB on my Nexus 7. When I copy or sync movie files from SMB to the tablet via WiFi, I note that the speed is very slow and it randomly fails. It is not very good but works.

How to enable 3G connectivity on Nexus 7 WiFi only

The Nexus 7 WiFi only model lacks 3G/4G data connection compatibility, but the iPad does features that if you spend extra money purchasing. When you are outside, in car or on the place without WiFi hotspot and really need to check something online, in my use there is very inconvenient. However, if you have a 3G broadband USB modem, it is actually easy to enable 3G connectivity on Nexus 7.

* The things what you need: 3G broadband USB modem stick like Huawei GSM/UMTS Stick and O2 Germany or ZTE 3565-z UMTS Stick, an OTG cable that you could buy from Amazon.
* You have to root your tablet first, and download and insatll PPP Widget by Josua Dietze from Google Play store. This usb_modeswitch tool enables fully Internet access over almost any USB device.
* Connect the 3G dongle with OTG cable and the tablet. Open the PPP Widget, tap configure button and type your user name and password. Once you've done, tap Connect button.
That works perfectly with my N7 and helps me connecting with different usb modems with different service providers.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fix WiFi drops out with nexus 7 sleep mode

I have went to the advanced wifi settings on my nexus 7 and setted it "Always On" to keep the wifi connected during sleep. But when I stream videos, download and update apps over Google Play with sleep mode, the WiFi constantly drops out and looses connection like mad multiple times per minute. It seems to be an issues of Jelly Bean OS.

After installed the WIFI High Performance Widget on nexus 7, the WiFi connection works normally and stays connected throughout the night, without any issues. This little app potentially solve the sporadic/unreliable connectivity problems.

WIFI High Performance Widget also has other features, such as speed up download transfer rate, lowering latency, and ensure wifi is running put into higher PM state.

How to change lock screen wallpaper of nexus 7

My home wallpaper would be the lock screen paper on my nexus 7 Jelly Bean, but I can't figure out how to change lock screen wallpaper without rooting. It is easy to do that on my Droid running Android 2.3.
WidgetLocker Lockscreen by TeslaCoil Software is a lock screen replacement that let you customize the layout of lock screen, even up to allowing or denying certain button presses and controlling which button to wake your tablet.

I have use WidgetLocker app on my nexus 7 for about 3 weeks. The Jelly bean theme and slider looks awesome. While opening it, you can change the theme from the pull-down menu and download other themes.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

KaysCase S-Line TPU Case Cover for Nexus 7

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cases is a popular material used in mobile/tablet electronic device. They have many good features, such as excellent abrasion resistance, high elasticity and good grease resistance. To protect the Nexus 7 from dust, scratches, fingerprints and other daily damage, you really need a TPU case.
KaysCase S-Line TPU Case Cover for Nexus 7 is made of durable high-quality TPU material and wraps around all edges.
* It is thin and lightweight and comes with these color: black, blue, clear, hot pink and purple.
* When I received it, it fits snug For the most part and all the cutouts line up well.
* Without bulky, the case is adequate and offers the extra protection with the backside and edges from small bumps and bruises, but not a major drop.
* After a extended periods of use, I note that it is overly sticky with the glossy part of the back.
* Someone would not love the ugly design.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder for nexus 7

Plenty of voice recording apps in Google Play Store are buggy especially with nexus 7 and only creats into WAV and OGG fotmats. I need a stable audio recorder that can be used in the meeting or class.
Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Full) by Yuku is a paid app that records sounds like voice notes, songs, sermons, music, talks directly into high-quality MP3 files in real time. The app features pause and resume, selectable microphone, set up input gain for louder or softer. Then you can share your recordings via mail, Gmail, SoundCloud, or store online to Evernote and Google Drive.

I use Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder on my nexus 7 for personal/business  use and it works fine at my job.  When I sing and play guitar, the stock recording app quality is horrid but this one gets brilliant audio quality. Adding a fast forward button and the ability to add tags could be better.

Aurum Waterproof Case for Nexus 7

If you keep your Nexus 7 sand and water free at the beach and pool, the wet will damage the tablet. To experience the freedom to surf internet, read emails or play movies in Sand, Water, even left the N7 in a steamy bathroom, the highest level of waterproof case can offer dirt-proof and shock-proof protection with what you need.

Waterproof Case by Aurum (Tm) enterprises provides a stylish protective case for protecting the Nexus 7 from moisture and the elements. It comes with convenient functionality. Simply insert your tablet and close both of the yellow snaps.

This is absolutely a must-have accessory for on vacation. With using Aurum Waterproof Case, I am able to read ebook and play games while lounging in the water. It is a little big, but works perfectly.

Can you record screen video on nexus 7

Android 4.1 bring up capture a screenshot with the Power and Volume Down key combination, but there seems to be no way to capture video. I want to make a app review video on nexus 7, like shooting a tutorial video about how to play Angry Birds game, but I could not figure out how to record what happens on screen in real time. Can you do that on the tablet?

Some Android apps from Google Play provide a easy solution for user to shoot video of the Android screen in action, such as zrecord or ScreenCast which supports video up to 30fps. However, that doesn't work work on Tegra 2, Tegra 3 devices, including nexus 7. Overall, there is not an app recording like that for Tegra since now.

Fix Google Maps stuck searching for GPS issues

The GPS suddenly stops working on my nexus 7. Everytime I am trying to use the latest Google maps to get directions, the navigation just says "Searching for GPS" or "Waiting for location" and stucks there. That regardless of where I am located or the address I enter. It seems that GPS is broken and can not find any signal.

How to fix Google Maps keep searching for GPS issues
* Many other Android smartphones and tablets have the same issue.
* Tap Settings > apps and select All tab. Choose Google Maps app and  uninstall all updates. Go outside and keep pointing your tablet towards the sky. Tap Settings > Location and Security, and check the box with your GPS signal to activate it. Then hold your device towards sky for about 60 seconds. The gps issues would be gone.
* If you have setup password protection, go to Settings > Location and Security > Credential Storage, check "Use secure credentials" and enter your password.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to improve sound quality of nexus 7

For music fans, the sound quality of nexus 7 doesn't have good audio performance. My Galaxy Tab 2 is more louder with the volume level than Nexus. To improve the sound and get the best audio, Android apps from Google Play sotre can help you optimize it.

Volume+ (Volume Boost) by Meltus is the only app which lets you save and load your own custom EQ settings on the device. The app  boosts your volume so loud without any rooting.
I have tested Volume+ in Google Music and Hulu+ apps and it works prefectly. The sound of both stock N7 Jelly Bean and  HTC one x are improved. It fixes the system wide issue and turns my tablet into audible and finally loud enough to listen music on my car.

How to Flush DNS cache on nexus 7

If you keep getting cannot find server error in Chrome browser but the WiFi network works fine, that might be caused by DNS cache which stores the IP addresses of pages you recently viewed. When the DNS cache is not updated and the location of the page has been changed, you are unable to visit the webpage.

How to flush and reset dns cache on nexus 7
* Doing a hard reboot of your tablet. Shut down the device, remove the battery. Wait for about 30 seconds, replace the battery and power up N7.
* You can also clear it by going Settings > Wireless & networks > More, turn Airplane mode OFF and then ON again.

Stick it pop-up video player for nexus 7

Most video players only allow you to watch a movie. If you want to get multiple videos at once and keep using your Android device while watching, Stick it! is what you are looking for. This pop-up video player brings up multiView feature that let you browse website, type email/text or use Google Maps while watching your favorite movie.
Stick it supports lots of file fotmats, such as .3gp .avi .divx .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm .xvid and etc. And it  support network protocols for streaming like RTP, SDP and M3U8. The app features Background playing, YouTube support and Mac OSX/Windows 7 themes.

Stick it works perfectly on nexus 7. I floats it with 5 videos playing at the same time on the Home screen without a glitch. Easily move, resize, minimize and make full screen in landscape capable. However, it doesn't support subtitles .srt files.

Monday, September 17, 2012

anMoney Personal Finance app for nexus 7

Are you looking for a way to reduce spending and increase savings and income and manage money with your Android phone/tablet? A lot of finance apps in Google Play could help you monitor your financial account and track money while you are shopping. Is there a  excellent finance app for nexus 7?
anMoney PRO Finance is a personal finance checkbook and budget app that has the powerful function as Quicken or Microsoft Money on computer. The app features yearly/monthly/weekly/biweekly forecast, read QIF/OFX files, recurring bills with different schedules, password/PIN security, multi-currency and more. It works great on all 7-inch tablets.

anMoney is the excellent finance app and I use it to manage my personal expenses with my nexus 7 on the go. Beautiful designed, easy to use and intuitive interface. The app provides cash flow forecasts and let me split transactions and is constantly updated. If you have any questions, go to the forum and that is helpful. It is a little expensive, but definitely worth.

Fix Google maps always running on nexus 7

My nexus 7's battery often eats up fast recently, so I go to Settings > Battery to see the processes list. I note that the Google maps is always running and showing twice. It does consume 30% of my battery. I kill one of them one by one and then they automatically starts again. I haven't signed in to Latitude. How can I stop maps app running in background?

How to Fix Google maps keep running on nexus 7 issues
* My friend also has the same problem. It consumes 25% of the battery and more than the display. That is caused by offline maps data. To fix the issues, go to Setting, clear local data and reboot the tablet.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fix Lag when watching Online Videos on nexus 7

I started to get the problem with watching online videos. When I streamed HD video from Youtube or HuLu app on my nexus 7 over WiFi network, it always did lag out and stutter. The video was played for about 5 minutes and it started lagging.

How to fix Lag HD Videos or Online Games issues on nexus 7
* That is caused by the QoS (Quality of Service) settings of your router. And you need to optimize the Router for Video and VoIP to get a fast internet connection.
* On your Mac or Windows computer, open the browser, type ip address of router (like or into the address bar and press Enter.
* I am using Cisco WiFi router. In the Setting, select Online and Gaming tab, click QoS, set the bandwidth management to auto. Add a device by MAC address, type the tablet's MAC address and set priority to high. Then save it. The method also works for phone and Xbox 360 with the same issues.

Juiced Systems 5 in 1 Adapter for Nexus 7

Nexus 7 has limited ports. To get MHL, SD, Micro SD, and USB Hosting support, you have to buy many accessories. The Juiced Systems 5 in 1 MHL Adapter can solve the problems and make your adapter and cable clutter to be a minimum. This accessory comes with all of these different ports in one. It is compact and small for taking on travel.
Juiced Systems 5 in 1 MHL Adapter supports HDD FAT/FAT32 in 1st partition and smart switch between MHL and Host Mode. To make the product working, note that you must root your tablet first.
* I mount a external microSD card and my USB thumb drive using stickmount app. Accessing the contents on ES File Explorer works with no issues.
* Connecting to basic USB keyboard and mouse both worked fine.
* Nexus 7 doesn't support MHL, so HDMI connector with an HDMI cable is not working. But this is not the fault of the adapter.

If you want to unlock some more functionality, Juiced Adapter is definitely a must-have accessory.

Best podcast apps for Nexus 7

I am a power listener. I have tried some podcast apps, but they  don't work well on my Nexus 7 and aren't optimized for tablet UI. I am needing such a Android app.

Best podcast apps for Nexus 7
* DoggCatcher
I switched from Google listen and use this app. It lets you find, manage and play your podcasts and RSS/news feeds, and is integrated Audio/Video Player. Easy to get my NPR podcasts for me and works well with Bluetooth.

* Pocket Casts
The app stays with all the latest podcasts and allows you to stream or download new episodes over 3G or WiFi. Friendly and clean interface with the skip forward and back shortcut buttons. All commands are intuitive. Searching podcast and Sleep Timer works extremely well. Nice to import from Google Reader. This is an excellent player.

Best 3D Home screen/launcher for Nexus 7

You might fed up with the standard home screen. Tons of Android apps can help you customize your device's skins. If you want to transform into 3D interfaces and 3D animations without rooting, a launcher app is what you are looking for.
SPB Shell 3D is one of best 3D Home screen/launcher for Nexus 7. The app adds a new dimension into the tablet and bring up 3D reality user interface. It is fun to flip around in a circle and watch animations. You are able to  add or delete panels that contain app thumbnails, widgets and shortcuts.

SPB Shell 3D is full of polish and runs great on N7, but makes something super slowly, such as dragging and resizing, Folder animations. However, it is lacking some features, like a backup option for wallpapers and screens, more animations and a persistent Google search widget.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

GPS Essentials app for Nexus 7

There are many GPS navigation for Android on Google Play store, but they always come with single or a few functions. GPS Essentials is one of the best outdoors apps for serious travelers. It has the most complete GPS tool, including create dashboard with customization options, tracks, navigate, map, manage waypoints, routes and satellites.
I have used GPS Essentials for couple of days and it is easy to use with many utilities. Tracking and compass work fantastic on my Nexus 7. I am able to pick up satellites and see the location. The camera HUD portion is not good for the tablet. The ability to export KML files is limited. Hope it could add speed and altitude options to export.

How to mirror Nexus7 screen to HDTV

I am a teacher and has just got the nexus 7. I am able to create a Wifi hotspot using a Windows laptop and have streamed youtube videos to TV with some apps and accessory. Now I want to display what I have on my tablet to the HDTV wirelessly on the class. Is it possible to enable mirroring feature on android device? How can I do that?

To mirror Nexus 7 screen onto HDTV, a little device called LinkSprite 4TV Adapter can help you turn the TV into the large screen of your Android device through the WiFi network. It is easy to use mirroring after configured the product and installed the remote control app.

QR code scanner for Nexus 7

Nexus 7 has only low-res front facing camera with 1.2 megapixel and a number of  QR code apps I have tried use the rear camera and don't work with the tablet. That makes it hard to read barcodes. However, Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) app by Sean Owen (of ZXing Team), which is a learning curve to using a front camera, works well on Nexus 7.
The app scanns effectively about 20 QR codes, including UPC and EAN formats. I could access web site links and contact information while I test it with barcodes displayed on the webpage and my desktop monitor.

You can also use it to find out product's prices and reviews. But I tried to scann linear bar codes on the back of books and the app did not work. There are some issues with the app, such as good light levels needs, difficult to focus, not read with curved surfaces code.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Android Keyboard Shortcuts with nexus 7

Android operating system supports keyboard shortcuts. If you have a hardware keyboard, you don't need to dig through the menus and could  save time with those keyboard shortcuts on nexus 7.

* For Typing
Menu & C: Copy text to clipboard
Menu & V: Paste text from clipboard
Menu & X: Cut the text
Alt & Trackball-Left: Move the cursor to beginning of line
Alt & Trackball-Right: Move the cursor to end of line
Alt & Del: Delete an entire line
* For mailing
Menu & U: Refresh inbox
Enter: Open an email from the inbox list
* For browsing
Menu & B: Open bookmarks
Menu & R: Refresh current page
Menu & F: Find on page
Menu & I: Zoom in
Menu & O: Zoom out
Menu & J: Go back a webpage

Downlaod HD Wallpapers for nexus 7

To change the home screen of your Android tablet and make it unique, you can download HD wallpapers and add them for personalizing the device. I have tried some of  amazing wallpapers from Google Play store, most look horrible and not in HD except Wallpapers HD by IncredibleApp.

Wallpapers HD is what I am looking for for my Nexus 7 and Galaxy S2. All wallpapers are gorgeous with great quality and fit with the screen dimensions automatically. The app includes many categories (abstract, nature, flower, sea, sky, animals, beach, texture, vintage) and has search function for by colour.

I load pics on my tablet fast and scroll smoothly, without sluggish. Better than other background apps. Wish it could sort by day or key words in each category.

How to Create Email Folders on nexus 7

I have set up my Gmail using the stock email application on my nexus 7. Everything works fine. However, I need to organize them and create a 'stored' folder to keep certain emails in and can't figure out how to create additional folders within the app.

This is a basic email function and it seems to be missing in the stock email app with android OS. The Yahoo! app has the feature but is not working with Gmail. You can add new folder on computer or browser, but the app can't handle these separate folders.

Couldnot open connection to server on Nexus 7

When I try to configure Exchange ActiveSync on Nexus 7, it doesn't connect to my work's Exchange 2003 server. I type the domain/user and password correctly and tap on "Next" button. The setup displays "Checking incoming server settings..." and then shows up error message "Setup could not finish - Couldn't open connection to server". Doing a complete factory reset is still not working. I note that the hotmail also has the same problem.

When you set up exchange server with the stock email app and server is not use the standard SSL port (443), you will get this problems.

* If the server is set up with other methods, you need to ask administrator for the security ports and set it up properly under the setting.
* If you still couldn't fix the issues, use K9-Mail Android App from Google Play. The email client supports search, multi-folder sync, IMAP push email, flagging, filing and signatures. But it is not great for tablets.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fix Youtube app not working on Nexus 7

I started gettting issues with the Youtube app on Android jelly bean. When I tried to play one of all videos, the app stucked at "there was a problem while playing this video. touch to retry" error message and then nothing happened. I have installed Adobe Flash and the mobile version of Youtube site worked fine with Firefox beta. Then I went to clear cache/data with youtube app in the setting and reboot, but still could not solve the problem.

How to fix Youtube app not working on Nexus 7 issues
* Install the Titanium Backup app from Goolge Play store.
* Open the app and tap on Backup/Restore tab at the top.
* Find out the YouTube app. Tap on it and select "Wipe data" button.

How to transfer Audiobooks to nexus 7 from computer

My PC computer has lots of Audiobooks and I want to move them to my Android tablet for listening. But I can't figure out where to put the books and make them showing up. Is there a way to do that?

How to Transfer Audiobook to nexus 7 from computer
* Connect your device to computer via USB cable. Once it's recognized, open the folder of your N7's internal memory, and create a new folder for Audiobooks. Then copy your Audiobook files into the directory.
* Unmount them and go to your tablet. Download and install "MortPlayer Audio Books" from Goolge PLay. Launch the app and  configure the folder you just created as main directory to load Audiobook. You are able to make bookmarks and set sleep timer.

RND Power Solutions Deluxe Cradle/Desktop Docking Station for Nexus 7

I have been looking on Ebay and Amazon for a docking station that works with my Nexus 7. I want a charging dock and also use it as my bedside alarm clock. Finally this one called RND Power Solutions Deluxe Cradle / Desktop Docking Station for Google Nexus 7 Tablet worked for me.
* RND shipped the package quickly. This is a nice and high quality docking station. Generous accessories include the base that is sturdy and solid, a AC adapter, charging cord, and a separate sync cable.
* Fit the Nexus 7 snugly and perfectly, but it seems to not work within my hard plastic case. So I have to remove the case to charge the tablet.
* It charges faster and comes with Power Protection Circuit.
* Easily holding your N7 at a comfortable angle for reading ebook or watching movie.
* Excellent product with excellent price.
* Hope I can fold the docking station and place it in my bag.

Highly recommend RND Power Solutions seller.

How to Find Nexus 7 serial number

The serial number provides some important informations about your phone or tablet, including the manufactured and factory id. If your Nexus 7 has got flicker issues or been not working, you could use your serial number to return it to Asus or Google.

Where can I find or look up my Nexus 7 serial number
* To locate the Serial Number, the easiest way is to open your Settings app and navigate to "About Tablet" > Status.
* If you purchase the device through Google Play, go to check your email confirmation.
* Use finger nails to take off the back off the box it came in and then find it inside.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jota Text Editor for nexus 7

I have tried some text edit apps for creating and viewing text documents on my tablet. But it is pretty horrible for large text files. Is there a free text editor with search capabilities working on nexus 7?
Jota Text Editor by Aquamarine Networks is a nice android app that supports until 1 million characters and auto detecs multiple encodings. It is easy to use with smooth functions, such as  search/share text, change character/linebreak codes, undo/redo, auto capitalize/save/indent, customizable Syntax highlght and etc. Powerful and light.

Now I am able to write documents on my Nexus 7 for a journal and email it directly to my computer. Jota handles large files fast and works great.

Sonos Controller app for Nexus 7

Sonos is wireless home digital music systems and HiFi music players. I really love my SONOS ZonePlayer S5 when it is working. To remotely control it from Nexus 7, Sonos Controller for Android app could do the great job.

With Sonos Controller, you are able to play and stream different songs in different room or all same music in every room wirelessly from the tablet without requiring computer or dock. You can use it to control SONOS PLAY:3, PLAY:5 or other players running v3.8+. Hope it adds more different themes and the possibility of playing queues and multi-selecting.

The Sonos app comes with excellent tablet UI support and works perfectly on my Nexus 7. To search any artist, album or track, just speaking to N7 using voice search. I could use the volume buttons to adjust the individual volume on landscape mode since the upgrade.

3D turn-based strategy game for Nexus 7

I had played "Hunters Episode One HD" on my new iPad for the past couple months. I have a poke around the Goolge Play store but couldn't found anything to my taste. Can you recommend any turn based strategy games for Android you have thoroughly enjoyed?
Great Little War Game by Rubicon Development is 3D turn-based strategy game that let you take command of your army to deploy and  battle the foe. It features Campaign/Multiplayer/Skirmish mode.

This is excellent turn-based strategy game for Nexus 7. Beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, simple controls, highly addictive and no major flaws. I have enjoyed it for hours and can't stop playing on my tablet. In each level with varied mission, you must think about every move. The only complaints is that it eats up the battery very fast.

Fix nexus 7 widgets not updating issues

I have added some android widgets on the Home screen, such as calendar, email, HD Widgets and etc. but I note that my widgets are not updating from time to time. The calendar still displays events of yesterday, and the Music widget doesn't update to the songs which are playing. A reboot seeems to fix the issue temporarily but that  takes me a long time to wait and the problem will come back.

How to fix android widgets not updating on nexus 7
* Make sure you have set up "enable auto updating" and how long back the widget goes in each app.
* Try to delete all widgets from your home screens and re-add them again.
* The launch-x pro widget with some configuration could block and kill the backgorund refresh process of all widgets.

Free tower defense game for Nexus 7

I am a big tower defense fan and have played almost all of the games on my computer. Now I am looking for the good and challenging TD games for Nexus 7 Android tablet and that could match the graphics and realistic.

Towers N' Trolls by Ember Entertainment is a free tower defense game for Android, like Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. This is the best addictive game I have played on my Nexus 7. It comes with lots of challenging levels and some lovely aesthetics.

Compared to other TD, it has wonderful graphics and awesome sound and easy to learn but slow speed. I play it smoothly on the tablet. However, if you want to compete the worlds, you need to purchase new levels and unlock the maps.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Print Documents to HP network printer from nexus7

To print something on Android phone/tablet, you can use Google Cloud Print feature but that requires to use the mobile Web version of Gmail. If you have a HP Inkjet or select LaserJet networkable/ePrint-enabled printer, it is easy to print Word, Excel, Powerpoint, photos, PDF, photo and text files from  nexus 7  wirelessly without running computer.

* Now, download HP ePrint Home & Biz from the Play Store. It took seconds to install.
* Open the app and it will automatically discover and set up your wireless printer without having network configuration and installation of any drivers. You can also manually add the Wireless printers.
* Then click the HP icon, select the file, and it instantly prints just that simple. Documents print great but images look cropped.

How to sync Notes with Gmail on nexus 7

Just as iPad's Notes app syncs with GMail. Is there an Android app with same functionality. There are many note-taking apps on Google Play Store but I need one that could creat thse note on my nexus 7 and then automatically sends/emails the contents of the note to my own gmail account.

GNotes is one of the best note taking android apps for synchronize with GMail or Google App Mail between your tablet/mobile devices. With the app, you can create notes, handwriting and to-do/shopping lists, capture photos and record voice memos. It also allows you to lock your notes data with set up a pattern or pin to  prevent others viewing.

The syncing of GNotes works perfectly on nexus 7. The input methods are flexible and voice dictation works pretty. Awesome note on multiple devices like computer, tablet and phone.

Foneclay homescreen launcher with artistic themes

There are a lot of homescreen launchers on Google PLay store, which let you customize your Android device 100% to what you like, such as the Apex Launcher.
Foneclay is an unconventional homescreen launcher for the artistic mind. It allows users to create dynamic art-interfaces and transforms your phone into functional art-interfaces, including scrollable panels, icons, and app drawer. You are able to  downloadable 30 fones with different theme through the app itself.

Foneclay is a bit laggy on android jelly bean. This is simple homescreens but beautiful, incredible and fun. Hope the app would update with a tablet user interface fones.

Out of Print eBook Jackets Turns Nexus7 into hardcover book

Out of Print website makes classic novels design covers into coasters, t-shirts and journals. If you want to have the new digital reading experience and use your tablet as eBook, taking a look at a new line of tablet cases - Out of Print eBook jackets for iPad, Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.
Nexus 7 jacket cases include 10 book covers plus four solid colors (charcoal, evergreen, indigo, red). The slick covers are pretty and concept is excellent. The Inside make ports and buttons fully access, but it seems to be not front camera hole. The side cradles with "book pages". the cradle holds your device in place very securely. A lipped edge does hold your N7 device securely. However, the delivery is set until October 2012 so you have to wait.

Click to visit the official Out of Print website to purchase one.

Album Art Missing in My Library on nexus 7

I have imported songs from iTunes to my nexus 7. After using the original Google Music app, I note that "My Library" is not displaying album art on home screen and just shows the generic art. If I play the song, the album art will show up perfectly. My Galaxy S2 also have the same problem on ICS. How can I fix the issues on nexus 7?

* Open the google music player and delete all your music.
* On your computer, access site and click "Upload Music" > Download the Google Play Music Manager, and install it.
* Run the software, login to your google account and create a cloud. Follow directions to import itunes files to cloud. After transferring is completed, you should see album cover showing in my library.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How to Ping External IP from Nexus 7

Pinging is an tool to send an ICMP packet to a specific IP address for testing the presence of other devices on a network. Normally, you can ping an android device from a computer. But is it possible to ping from my Nexus 7?

* Make sure that your tablet is connected to the WiFi network.
* Go to the Google Play Store and download the "IP Tools" application. It is a free app that help you ping local/remote/external/internal IP address, Ping and check a website and measure your connection speed.
  The app is simplistic without details, but really a good network tool for Nexus 7. Easy to find out my local wifi IP address. Hope it shows individual ping to check for packet loss.

Use OpenVPN client on Nexus 7 without root

If you have set up a VPN server allowing others to connect securely from the outside, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has the ability to use OpenVPN client to connect to your company/university/provider server.

OpenVPN for Android by Arne Schwabe is a client app that uses the new VPNService API and doesn't require rooting. It has the option to import a .ovpn configuration file, and a notification for displaying how much data has been transfered. Easy to configure and works like a charm on my Nexus 7, even behind an http proxy. I had got another VPN manager in the past, but it is very troublesome. If the app supports ipv6, that would be great. This is very nice to have best third-party for a non root solution.

Fix This app is incompatible with your Asus Nexus 7

When I try to download and install some android apps or games from Google Play store site on my Nexus 7, one of them shows up a error message "This app is incompatible with your Asus Nexus 7." Does the app request permission or not work on Jelly Bean? How can I get the .APK file to use, such as Alaska, Barcode scan, or Delta app.

* You can download the incompatible app to your Phone and use APK Extractor to extract the .apk file to your tablet.
* To get most apps to be compatible on the device, rooting and changing Nexus 7's DPI seems to be the only option. Download "Rom Toolbox Lite" from Google Play, open it, tap performance pane and press "build.prop tweaks." Then slide the DPI toggle from 213 down to 160 setting.

How to Edit Music Tags on nexus 7

You might have downloaded or transfer music onto your Android phones or tablets and then find they display the title, album, or artist displayed incorrectly. You probably have to change the wrong ID3 Tags or META Data on the computer. With android app, it is easy to do that on your nexus 7.

How to edit/modify Music Tags on nexus 7
* iTag - Music Tag Editor is a profressional music tag editor, supporting standard id3 tags and working with mp3, ogg, m4a and flac files.
* I have got a bunch of unknown artists incorrectly and it saves all corrections. Works most of the time. iTag exactly help me organize all music on my tablet.

How to Sync Facebook contact with Nexus7 Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and ICS will not sync with Facebook, so you have to sync Facebook contacts with using a third party app, Instead of manually entering all your contacts on your Android phones or tablets.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts with Nexus 7 Contacts
* Open Google Play store, download and install the "Facebook contact Sync" app by Danut Chereches.
* Tap on Settings > Accounts & Sync > Add Account. Then enter into your Facebook account to  configure. Check "Sync Contacts" and set up frequency, picture size and connection timeout.
* The app works properly on my Nexus 7. It downloads better quality pics and can show Facebook pictures.

Best Code Editors for Nexus 7 with SFTP support

Windows have some professional code editor such as Dreamweaver, Coda and Textmate. If you need to edit HTML, JavaScript and PHP for your development work on Android tablet, this is worth a look at developer-centric code editing app.

Best Code Editors for Nexus 7
* DroidEdit Pro (code editor) is a text and source code editor for Android with SFTP/FTP/Dropbox support, similar to gedit or Notepad++. The app supports Syntax Highlighting for C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX and SQL. It features infinite undo & redo, search & replace, Bracket matching, Character encoding,  HTML Preview and run Scripts in SL4A.
* DroidEdit works great on Nexus 7. Specially useful with external Asus Transformer keyboard. I could run external commands through SSH. However, when I open up the find dialog box, it is a bit sluggish and slow. Overall, it is definitely perfect comination.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Battery Widget checks Battery Usage on nexus 7

You should be experiencing the poor battery life on Android device. Getting the battery usage stats can help you find out what drains the battery. You could go to Setting > About tablet to see each process with battery usage.
If you need to show up the usage on home screen all the time, Battery Widget? Reborn! Pro is what you are looking for. The widget provides circle battery level indicator indicator and status bar notification about basic battery info. For Jelly Bean phones/tablets, it supports power related toggles, Wifi/Bluetooth/Background Sync notifications.

This is the most useful information wrapped and aesthetically pleasing. It is optimized and my Nexus 7 takes about 1/3 percent battery during the night.

Upload multiple photos to flickr on nexus 7

Are you looking for an easy way to upload photos to Flickr from android device? I have emailed my Flickr account to upload them directly, but that is no efficient for me. Now I am using the FlickFolio for Flickr HD by Snapwood Apps on my nexus 7.

FlickFolio allows you to upload multiple photos at a time in the background. Just go to your gallery app, choose photos or videos to share with FlickFolio and set up tags and privacy. Then they will automatically uploaded to your photostream.

The app also features offline viewing your photos, full screen slideshows, add photos to groups, add comments, video playback and send pictures to email, Facebook, and Twitter. It is easy to navigate. Fast browsing and displays images well on 7-inch display. Best usable flickr app for Nexus 7 tablet.

How to Download Torrents on Nexus 7 Jelly Bean

A small .torrent file can download the pieces of a larger file from dozens of users. You might always find and use torrents on your home computer. It is also essy to do that directly on your Android phone or tablet, like Galaxy S3 or Nexus 7.

How to download torrents on Nexus 7 Jelly Bean
* Open Google Play store and download and install the uTorrent Beta android App which works on android ICS and Jelly Bean.
* Make sure your device is connected to WiFi network. Open uTorrent, download any torrent file and configure where you would like it to save your files, such as /mnt/sdcard/Download.
The app doesn't speed or size limits. I try five torrents without any issue, but it won't run in the background.
* There is also other paid app called tTorrent Pro by 3D Magic Kft. The client supports multiple torrents, magnet link, trackerless torrent (DHT), RSS, UPnP and NAT-PMP, proxy, created. Pausing & restarting works fine and the speed keeps at 1.6mb/s on my nexus 7.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Best nexus 7 calculator apps

The Android OS is missing built-in calculator and makes the tablet to be odd. Thankfully, there are some calculator apps on Google Play store to pick up the slack. Some Free and some paid.

Best nexus 7 calculator apps
* Scientific Calculator by HEXFLASHOR
The app has large input and output display. Simply excellent and very convenient. Working in Jelly Bean 4.1.
It features Calculation History, Degree/Radian/Grade/Binary, Decimal/Octal/Hexadecimal operation, Complex number, Full Matrix Support and Polynomial equation.
The interface looks like an actual scientific calculator. If you need to calculate a bit more complex formulas, it does handle.

* Financial Calculators by Bishinews
The app bring up most of your finance calculation needs, such as Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Auto Loan/Lease, Credit Card Pay Off, TVM, Loan Comparison and Refinance, Compound Interest, Regular, Return on Investment (ROI) and Percentage.
It is programmed with convenient customisable displays. I use it in financial business and that is very useful and accurate to see value.

Dante by Devicewear Pink Nexus 7 Leather Case

Light pink is one of my most favorite colors. Today I have got a leather style case for my Nexus 7 from Amazon. It is Rotating Google Nexus 7 Case: The Dante by Devicewear Pink Nexus 7 Case coming with Multi-angle Vertical and Horizontal Stand and Smart On/Off switch.

* The case is available in assortment of colors. The pink one makes my tablet look pretty.
* A few weighs and perfect for travel.
* It is also very practical. It protects it great. Made of PU with  soft, gray microfiber interior.
* Easily rotates and stand up into portrait or landscape mode. I often lie down in bed to use it for typing email or watching movie.
* All holes & buttons are in accurate alignment.
* Like the iPad case, sleep/wake function works fine. When you close and open the tablet, it will smartly turn On/Off. That save the battery life longer.

How to view Google Indoor Maps on nexus 7

Google Maps for Android has added local offers and indoor Maps features. With indoor maps, users can easily navigate large indoor places like retail stores, entertainment venues and airports and get indoor walking directions

How to view Google Indoor Maps on nexus 7
* Open Google Maps app and find an available Indoor Maps location.
* Use your finger to zoom into the map. When the indoor floor plan of the building is showing up on the ground floor, move to other available floors in the building by using the level switcher.
* Then you are able to see stores, restrooms, food, and nearby Latitude friends. Tap one of locations to see more informations.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nexus 7 Hardcase as OtterBox Defender style

OtterBox Defender Series have rugged 3 layer protection for the iPad , but their Nexus 7 case is not available. I use the tablet at work and need to prevent it from gettting impacts or dropping on a concrete floor across the room. Is there a high durability otterbox-style case for the Nexus 7?

Unfortunately, there is no case similar to Otterbox right now on the market. You have to wait patiently for the official Defender.
I have found the closest one on the Amazon. Poetic REVOLUTION Case for the Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet by Asus Black is what you looking for. It is made with PC and silicone and comes with dust prevention and port protection. The flexible textured material offers a great way for impact resistance, grip, and slip-resistance. With using the loop hole, you are able to attach it to your backpack or clothing while working.

One Nexus 7 for shared family use

I have already got first problem when receiving a Nexus 7. Our family includes my wife, my eight years old daughter, and I. We require the tablet for different used. It seems no way to register new family google accounts. Everyone can see all accounts and the kids always read me email, so I have to log in and out each time. I really don't need more devices in this household, so I wouldn't like to shell out for individual N7s for every person in the household. How To set up for shared family use?

The Nexus 7 is not a shared computer and only designed as a personal device. It has limited configuration options for multiple users. You can try the way to get multiple user support, but sharing within the family is not an easy task.

How to Add Emoji keyboard to Jelly Bean Nexus 7

Emoji is picture characters used in messages and webpages, such as ↑ ↓ ← → ★ ♀ ♂. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean includes some of the emoji. To enable Emoji and use it on Nexus 7, you can try this quick walkthrough.

How to Add Emoji keyboard to Nexus 7 Jelly Bean
* Go into Settings, tap on "Language & input" > Android keyboard.
* Tap on 3 stacked bars on the right and then "Add-on dictionaries" and select "Emoji for English words" to download and install.
* Now when you type words, the Android Keyboard will give you some auto-complete suggestion about Emoji. If you type "Star" and tap on the star character, this Emoji is inserted into the text.

There is limitation Emoji support on android OS. If you need more special "unicode" characters to display on the device, use the Unicode Map app to browse and copy them to the clipboard.

How to Fix Nexus 7 flicker issues by Lux Auto Brightness

In low light conditions, you would experience the Nexus 7 screen flickering issue. While you are browsing the website in Chrome app or doing others, some screens are separating on the left hand side. However, there is a easy fix for some.

Lux Auto Brightness is android app that intelligently adjusts the brightness of your display based on the environment. When you are in dim room, the app lowers the brightness of your N7's display automatically. That offers a comfortable way to read ebooks at night and also saves the battery life. You can also manually adjust the backlight in bright or dimer place.

Once installed the Lux app, the flicker issue is fixed and removed completely on the tablet. Its jitter control help me prevent constant small changes to the backlight. Very easy to change the colour temperature of the display.

Handbrake converts AVI/WMV/FLV to Nexus 7 Video

Nexus 7 has HD display for watching HD DVD movies and TV shows. I have some videos in the WMV formats, but the tablet only supports H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4,VP8 video formats. How can I convert AVI/FLV/WMV to Nexus 7 MP4 video?

HandBrake is a free open-source software that can rip DVD or convert convert MPEG video into an MPEG-4 and play them with N7's built-in video player.

I used apple tv setting for a few of my videos, they turned out pretty well on the tablet. On Mac or Windows computer, open your video file in Handbrake and make the following output settings for Nexus 7:
Picuter: Source=720x480. Anamorphic=Strict. Cropping=Automatic.
Video Filters=: Detelicine=Default. Decomb=Default. Delinterlace=Off. Denoise=Off. Deblock=all the way to the left (On).
Video: Video Codec=H.264 (x264). Framerate (FPS)=Same as source. Variable Framerate-Constant Quality=RF:20.
Audio: You need to "Add Track" 2 sound tracks to get the best sound output.
Then Click "Start" to convert your video.

Sync file between cloud storage and Android Nexus 7

Many people desire a way to share files on their tablet, smartphone  and computer without a wired. Cloud storage offers a easy way to sync or upload file and online backup/storage, so you can access files on other platform. To sync file between cloud storage and Android Nexus 7, FolderSync is what you need.

FolderSync app enables easy sync of files with cloud based storage, and is currently compatible with multiple service accounts, such as Amazon S3, SkyDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Ubuntu One,, LiveDrive, HiDrive, Google Drive, Google Docs, NetDocuments, Amazon S3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV or windows share (Samba/CIFS).
I have been using it to sync my videos and photos to Dropbox/Gdrive from my Nexus 7 for almost two month now. Works smoothly and brilliantly with many folder. Easy to use it as a full file manager to edit file and have retrieved the pictures from my Google Drive.

Nexus 7 Auto Rotate Widget

There aere many complaint about the Nexus 7 home screen doesn't  rotate from the portrait into landscape mode. It is big problem if you put the tablet on a stand. To get it automatically rotate, you can try many different ways.

Auto Rotate Widget by Jason Hull is a simple auto rotate widget that allows you to set the rotation to auto, and locked on home screen and in apps.
After installing the app and add it on the home screen, tap on the switcher to enable or disable. It is very easy to use and works mostly. Works fine and a bit fuzzy with YouTube app and slow to get pictures to display with Adobe Reader.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nexus7 battery life drain issue on sleep mode

I recieved my Nexus 7 yesterday and the battery would drain fast if I put the the table into sleep mode. I powered it up and drained to 0% completley and then charged it fully with the screen at 100%. Then I used it for 30 minutes and shut the screen down and disabled Bluetooth network. I noted that the battery dropped back to 20% and was completely dead within 12 hours. But battery life of my Kindle Fire has more than 24 hours in sleep mode.

How to fix the battery life issues
* There might be some android apps running in the background for syncing or keeping the GPS radio. You need to turn off the option within the related apps.
* If you want to shut Screen Off, go to Seeting and set your N7's wifi policy to "OFF".

UPnP/DLNA client app for Nexus 7

There is a 2TB Buffalo TeraStation media server acting as a DLNA server on my home. And I always watch media content from TVersity/PS3 Media Server to my TV/360/PS3. I am wondering how to control DLNA shared content on my Nexus 7 over Wifi or 3G.

MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA Browser is the most stable client app with rich features. It can view and stream TV, Movies, pics and music from   NAS, windows home server and UPnP/DLNA compliant media server. Easy setup.

MediaHouse Works with both of my Nexus 7 and G2 phone with no issue. I am able to scan, browse and control playback of content from a Media Server.  For the videos, I use MX Player to watch. The picture and mp3 sound quality is the same as loading a video on the tablet. Better than my Sony internet-connected TV.

How to remote control Canon DSLR from Nexus 7

For some Camera photographers, you are not only to view photos on Android Tablet, but also fully control yoru Canon DSLR from Nexus 7 or Xoom. With usb controller and a Android app, it is easy to use the tablet as a video monitor using a intuitive touch interface.

How to remote control Canon DSLR from Nexus 7
* DSLR Controller (BETA) by Chainfire is excellent app which let you control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Nexus 7 device with only a USB cable. It is easy to use and straightforward, even required no rooted and no computer or laptop.
* DSLR Controller features Live View, Auto Focus, Auto-Lighting,  Bulb/Continuous capture, Picture Style, Color Temperature, Metering Mode and etc.
* I have use control my EOS 600D and Canon 7D hooked up to my Nexus 7 to do timelapse. Works flawlessly without crashing. It is more powerful than the Canon EOS utility.

Nexus 7 locked out no WiFi/internet how to fix

With android 4.1 Jelly Bean, you are able to set up a pin, password or pattern to unlock the screen. I have locked my Nexus 7 and forgot the unlock password. The WiFi on tablet is deactivated and can't connect to internet. I remember my gmail account but no way to  authenticate with Google account, because the "forgot pin" etc option is not working without WiFi.

If you forgot pin/password/pattern and manage to unlock Nexus 7, you need to hard reset the device to factory settings. That will wipes all the data. Turn it off and hold Volume up, Volume down, Power buttons to get into Recovery Mode, then select "wipe data/factory reset" to get back to the original stock state.

Setup Pandora sleep timer on Nexus 7

I always stream Pandora Radio/podcasts on Nexus 7 and I like to fall asleep to play for 1-2 hours and then shut off itself without leave it on and hear it all night. Some music apps have the setting to just play one or two podcasts, but I also could not find this option. How can I set up sleep timer on pandora app?

To put Pandora to sleep after a certain interval of time, you need to install other android app. SleepTimer by Patrick Boos can do exactly what you are looking for. It allows you to set minutes and then turn off the running music player or the volume down when you go to bed..

Monday, September 3, 2012

Change temperature unit in Google Now on Android

By default Android's Google Now shows up weather temperature in Fahrenheit on the Weather Card. Nonscientific temperature measurements always use the Fahrenheit system in the United States, but Celsius is used in most of the world. Google Now allows you to  switch to temperature units based on location on nexus 7 or other Android device.

How to Change Temperature Unit on Google Now app
* Tap on Google Search widget to open Google Now.
* Tap the menu button (three vertical dots), and choose Settings from the options.
* Select Google Now > Weather > Weather units, and check on "Celsius" from the pop up screen.

How to fix Google Play Download unsuccessful on nexus 7

Everytime I try to use Google Play store app to download or upgrade any app on my nexus 7, the majority it gives me "Download unsuccessful" error message. This is a common issues with entire Android phones and tablets.

How to Fix Google Play Apps Download Unsuccessful Error
* Tap on Setting, and select Applications from the various options.
* Tap the All tab, select "Google Play Store" and touch Clear cache.
* Select Download Manager and tap Clear data. You might also need to clear data with Google Services Framework and Google Apps, such as clearing data for the Chrome Browser app.

Where is nexus 7 download folder

Just got a nexus 7 tablet with android 4.1. After download a video from chrome and get complete notification, I couldn't find where files I download via the web browser are stored. Touch the  notification bar but nothing happens. How can I search and locate the google chrome default download folder?

* By default, within Chrome and other apps, the download folder is on a allocated area of the internal SD card sdcard/download.
* You need to install file explorer app from Google Play, like ES explorer, and load it. Scroll down to sdcard and you will find the download folder.
* You can also tap on chrome, press menu, more and select Downloads.

How to import kml to Google Map My Places on nexus7

I have created a KML/KMZ file from other google "My places" map and want to create a custom directions Google Map for my home. But the  nexus 7 can't recognize KML files natively. How can I import it to  Google My Map/My Places tool?

* The Android maps app doesn't have the option to import.
* If you save the file through Google Maps on your computer, open Web browser and log in using the same account. Click   My Places > Create Map >  Import > Choose File > Upload, and save the maps. Then launch Google Maps on the tablet, tap on Layers > My Places, and you will see the map with all your way points.
* If the KML file is hosted on website, tap on "Maps" on your N7, Tap in the search bar at the top and Type in the URL of the KML file  (include the http://) and then press enter.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Enable Multiple Users on nexus 7 Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has unofficial multiple user support. Having multiple user accounts on a shared tablet is very useful in enterprise. Many people would use different account to read email or download apps on sharing nexus 7.

How to Enable Multiple Users profiles on nexus 7 or Jelly Bean device
* Install Android Terminal Emulator by ack Palevich from Google PLay and root the tablet. Open the app and enter the following command line in

pm create-user testuser2

This creat the 2nd user named "testuser2". To remove it, use "pm remove-user 1" command.
* Hold the Power/Lock buttons and tap on the new Label in the menu to switch to the new user. This gives you a fresh home screens, in-app accounts and settings.
* You can also edit the "userX.xml" file in /data/system/users, or use the "User Management" by Appaholics in GUI to get the limited multi user (It works but causes other apps run lagged badly).

Ocean HD Nexus 7 Live Wallpaper

Live wallpapers could bring a animated scene in the background of the tablet and let you hand hae a little realistic world. I have been struggling to find a high quality live wallpapers and finally note that DualBoot Games creat "Ocean HD" app with beautiful graphics. It is stunning and fantastic for my  Nexus 7.
Ocean HD offers a way to explore the pristine waters of a deep ocean environment and discover sunken ship or fish in 3D mode.  The animations run smoothly. There are lots of customization options to add or take away objects. You can manually use your finger to move the scene.

Ocean HD is the best LWP for Android. It is my favorite live wallpaper and keep me interesting day by day.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

MoKo 360 degree Rotating Case for Nexus 7

I have searched the rotating aspect on Amazon to use it as a video viewer as well as a book reader. Finally I get and have hands-on experience with the MoKo 360 Degrees Rotating Case for Google Nexus 7. This is a excellently nice and sturdy case which is built very well and provides good protection to the device.
* Characteristics style. Premium PU leather exterior and microfiber interior.
* Fits the tablet fairly well and comfortable to use or carry.
* swivel offers the ability to change into landscape (watch video) or portrait mode (readering book)
* In addition, the "smart" cover has built-in magnet with automatic Sleep/Wake function. That allows the cover to put the Nexus to sleep when close it.
* When shut down the folded, you have to wrap the strap to keep it stay flatly closed.
* Within the case, it is easy to access all the ports and power buttons.
* The customer service is fantastic if you have any issue with the product.
* Lifetime Warranty.

Definitely recommend MoKo 360 Degrees Rotating Case for Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet by Asus, Black.

HBO Go app for Nexus 7 and Android Jelly Bean

With the update, now HBO Go for Android application is supporting for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and compatible with Nexus 7 tablet. The app also brings lots of bug fixes for the software.

The HBO GO web site features HBO shows, movies, comedy, sports, and documentaries for user to enjoy them. Many people had to manual install Falsh and use another app to watch the videos. If you are HBO subscribers, now you are able to easily watch HBO content within the official app on your N7 tablet.

Watch amazon prime instant video on nexus 7

I have purchased movies from amazon prime which are flash-based content. But the Android 4.1 Jelly bean is lacking of Adobe Flash supporting.I am wondering how to watch/stream instant video from amazon prime on my nexus 7. Is there possible to play them without Flash?

* You need to install Adobe Flash Player 11.1-111115012.apk on your stock n7 tablet without rooting.
* Then download a Flash Compatible Web browser from Google Play, such as firefox  beta or xScope. I am using xScope Browser Pro - Web File which is made for ICS and JellyBean. Open xScope and login to your Amazon Prime account. All videos play fine, and no problem with viewing in full screen.