Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Save images from browser to nexus 7

I find some beautiful pictures from Facebook. I would like to select one from browser and save the file to my tablet, so that I can use it as a background. Is there a trick to done with my nexus 7?

The Android built-in Chrome app and most third-party browsers (Opera, Firefox and Dolphin) are the ability to save any picture you might find on websites directly to your devices.

* Simply long-press on the image using your finger.
* A menu will pop up, select "Save Image". If the picture links to another webpage, you need to open it first.
* After saving it, open gallery app. It is located in your "All downloads" album.

Best Clock Widget for nexus 7

Nexus 7 is missing the data display on the main home screen. It does display on the lock screen, but Clock widgets can provide the data/time and other useful information right on screen. There are many Android widgets available on Google Play Store and I compile some of the ones here.

Best Clock Widget for nexus 7
* SiMi Clock (hateman)
It's simple apperance but well-presented time information with full feature. It allows you to use defined time/date formats, and change text size/color and background.
* Make Your Clock (Tomas Hubalek)
Design your own clock and customize the colour, shape, and size. It also display battery and weather information. But far too  many resource eating.
* ClockQ - Digital Clock (Jakub Kinst)
Cool digital styles and very easy to use. It provides fonts, scaling and rotation options and is great for a tablet. But the weather temperature is always wrong.
* Pesoguin Clock (watch)
A cute little character tells you the time with funny expressions. The graphics are adorable. But it keeps pushing you to get the full version.
* Digital Clock Disc (Thalion)
Simply beautifully design and theme looks perfectly. Works great on Jelly Bean.

How to Fix Google Play Store error 921/-101

When I am trying to download and install an Android app from Google Play store, the nexus 7 just shows error 921 or -101 message. I am also not able to update any apps. Then I add another google account, but still get the same error. Try clearing cache and rebooting the device and not working. How can I get rid of it?

Here is a solution for those who have got the 921 or -101 error.
* From Home screen, touch settings and tap on Apps. Tap on Google Play Store in the lists, press "Clear Cache" and then "Clear Data" button.
* Return to Setting. Tap "Accounts & Sync". Select your account, click the three dots and choose "Remove Google Account".
* Power down your tablet and restart it again. Then re-add your Google Account.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard for nexus 7 with better typing

SwiftKey 3 keyboard for tablets is a must-have texting app for nexus 7. The app improves the stock Android keyboard with more advanced prediction and correction abilities. The latest version is not only supporting for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but also improves performance and fixes various bugs.

SwiftKey now offers user four-in-one Keyboard and voice function. It can can learn word completion rules from many apps, such as Facebook, Gamil, text message. I was misspelling stuff and it solves my problem. It is very buggy with certain app on the Nexus 7, specifically Google search bar in Chrome. It's frustrating that The backspace and space acts strangely sometime. Please fix. Overall, it's the best one for touch typists.

How to Play YouTube videos through Nexus Q

Nexus Q Media Player supports streaming music, HD movies, and videos from Google Play store. With YouTube app, you can stream videos through one or more Nexus Qs and the attached equipment. Here is how to play YouTube videos through Nexus Q to TV.

* Make sure you have setup Nexus Q correctly and you need an Android phone or tablet.
* Touch YouTube app and tap on a video thumbnail to play. When the play controls are active, there is a streaming icon near the top right of the screen.
* For one Nexus Q with one TV, touch it and the icon turns blue, the videos will start streaming to TV through the Q. For multiple Nexus Qs with multiple TVs, just touch the streaming icon and then select a room in the lists. But it's no way to stream videos to more than one Nexus Q at the same time.

Play Quicktime mov files on Nexus 7

When I try to view embedded streaming quicktime video from the NASA web site in the Chrome app on my Nexus 7, the videos just say "Looking for plug-in..." and show the error "Sorry, this video cannot be played." I have downloaded many player and used other browser, but that is not working. Is it possible to view quicktime .mov video on the tablet?

Apple only produce a QuickTime plugin for Mac OS X and Windows, and haven't developed a Quicktime application for Android. It's no way to play mov on android operating system. You will have to convert it to mp4 to get it to play, or watch it on your Mac/PC computer.

Enable Nexus Q work outside USA

If you use Nexus Q Media Player outside US, there is limited few songs and youtube videos and you still can't use movies. At least it becomes a night lamp. To get nexus Q working in your country, try using the following solution.

How to Enable Nexus Q working outside USA(America)
* Plug in Ethernet cable into your computer and connect to internet with it.
* Turn your Windows 7 PC or Mac into a proxy Wireless Hotspot. You need an VPN account which server stay in USA. Set up VPN connection and turn on Internet sharing over WiFi.
* On your android phone/tablet, turn on NFC and put it on top of your Nexus Q Media Player to have NFC connection. Then followi the instructions to set up the Q.

Nexus 7 fizzled, died and static screened issues

My Nexus 7's battery was very low and I charge it through a PC USB. I played reckless racing game and then putted it on the desk for awhile. The tablet actually made a "fizzle" sound, suddenly static-screened for 2 seconds and then died. I unplugged the USB and the device turnned black immediately and was overheatted.

Charging from a PC doesn't provide enough power and just makes it into a low battery. To fix the issues, wait 5 mins to let it cool, hold the power button for 30s to boot up, and then use the OEM charger. If it's still not working, taking it for a replacement.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fix Google Play Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09 issue

When I am making purchases in the google play store app, I can't download anything (free/paid) and keep getting "Error processing purchase. [DF-BPA-09]" message. Try uninstalling updates, clearing Play cache and rebooting sevral times, but it's still not working. I do that on my Nexus 7 which haven't rooted and was able to get apps yesterday.

How to fix "Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09" in Google PLay
* Go to Setting, tap on Apps and select the All tab.
* Locate and tap on "Google Services Framework".
* Touch the "Clear data" button. If warning appears, tap OK.

Nexus 7 change gmail password

I have reset my gmail password on a desktop computer yet and can't figure out how to change this on the nexus 7 tablet. The gmail app fails to sync with the servers and hangs 20 minutes so far. How can I update the device without removing account?

* Touch native Gmail app and go to Menu 》 Refresh.
* The syncing fails and show the error notification.
* Slide down the notification bar and tap "Sign-in error for ***@gmail.com" option. Enter your new password and touch "Sign in" button.

How To Watch Movies Offline on Nexus 7

Google Play store launches streaming movie service. I will take Nexus 7 with my children on a trip, and would like to use it for entertainment on the airplane. I have rented some movies. How can I setup them for offline viewing? I can't find any step-by-step instructions about this.

How To Watch Movies Offline on Nexus 7
* Open the Google Play store. On the the movie/TV show information page, touch the Download button to your rentals.
* Under either the Movies or TV Shows of Play Movies & TV app, find your video. There is the circular gray pushpin icon toward its bottom-right corner. Tap on it to start  downloading automatically.
* When it's finished, you are able to enjoy offline viewing. If it's only 15% downloaded, you can watch as much as the downloaded on your tablet.

XFINITY TV Player for Nexus 7

Comcast Interactive Media has updated XFINITY TV Player App to Beta version with support for Android 4.1. With the app, Nexus 7 tablet has the ability to play XFINITY ON Demand TV shows, episodes and movies, and you can enjoy them on the 7-inches large screen.

XFINITY app includes thousands of TV shows from networks and premium channels, and you need a subscription to play content. It works fine on Nexus 7 over WiFi network, but doesn't have an optimized UI and sometimes video freezes.

How to remove apps from my google play library

I had tried several android apps for my Nexus 7 and found many of them to be useless. After I uninstalled them on the tablet, they are still in my android online library  under "my android apps" page. Is there a way to get rid of them from my library?

There is no way to permanently delete/remove downloaded apps in "My Orders/My Android Apps" from the Google Play  website, or in "My Apps" from Play Store app. However, you can create a whole new Google Account and use it to install apps that you really need.

How To View and Manage Data Usage on Nexus 7

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) includes some great data management tools to help stay in control of your data. To access the built-in data management tools, just go to Setting and tap on Data Usage, then you will see a number of things.

How To View and Manage Data Usage on Nexus 7
* View the total data usage on each network. You are able to view your WiFi data usage and set usage cycle to fit your needs.
* View amount of data used by each running application. It shows the total amount of data that apps used. Touch particular app can view Foreground/Background data usage.
* Set warning notification and limits on data usage. You can adjust the graph with an orange warning line by dragging it up or down.

Nexus 7 car mount Arkon SM517 Windshield Mount

Are you looking for a car dashboard or mount that works with the Nexus 7 in landscape mode? I use Arkon SM517 Windshield Mount for 7-Inch tablets which I bought from Amazon and NavFree USA app for the tablet. That works great in my car for navigation with gps.

Arkon's SM517 Windshield mount is a perfect way to mount your 7-Inch Tablet for use as a GPS device or for watching movies. It fits the Nexus 7 perfectly. Cheap price and good quality. It is strong enough to hold the tablet securely. Easily adjust the viewing angles. Highly recommended and no complaints.

Best Offline Navigation Maps Apps for Nexus 7

Google Maps navigation services can users reach a destination quickly, but you have to download offline maps data of unknown place first. If you use Nexus 7 for navigation in no data coverage areas, Offline GPS maps app is good for using without any network connection.

Best Offline Navigation Maps Apps for Nexus 7
* Navfree: Free GPS Navigation (Navmii) is free crowd-powered  system. It offers turn by turn navigation with voice prompts, offline map stored on your device and address search.

I compare a few offline navs and use Navfree with Nexus 7 for my travel. This is the best one. No data plan, reliable, easy to use step by step directions and worked great with gps. However, sometimes the voice doesn't work. Hope developer fixes the issues.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to view currently Running Applications in Nexus 7

The multitasking feature allows several apps running at the same time. If you forget to close a program completely, the applications continues to run in the background, drain battery power and slow down the device. Here's how to view currently running applications in Nexus 7 tablet.

* From the Home screen open up the Settings and tap on Apps option.
* Select "RUNNING" tab at the top. It will show a list of applicsations. You can choose any unused app to close.

How to use Android speech to Text on Nexus 7

Android 4.1 bring a new conversational text-to-speech voice feature in US English on Nexus 7 tablet. Type text by speaking use the online speech-recognition service, so you need to put your tablet into a WiFi network.

How to use speech to Text on Nexus 7
* Touch a text field in email, Gtalk or Messaging app.
* The onscreen keyboard will pop up. Touch the Microphone key on it.
* Now speak what you want to type. To enter punctuation, just say "comma," exclamation mark," "question mark," "period,"  " or "exclamation point". If you pause, it will transcribe into text.

How to restart locked up Nexus 7

If your Nexus 7 tablet is getting locked up and becomes unresponsive for some unknown reason, you can restart the tablet fairly to fix the issues. That don't erase any data and apps. It just shut down the device and boot it back up again.

How to restart locked up Nexus 7
* Pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds. The display screen go black and show the Google logo. Thne you will get into normal mode.

How to delete a video file from nexus 7

I have transferred some personal video files from my computer to the nexus 7. Now I have watched the video and want to delete them. I am away from my computer and can't find a way to do that. I go to delete a photo with no problem. However, it seems that no way to get rid of a video with Gallery app.

How to delete a video file from the tablet
The Gallery app is very weird. You need to use the file manager. Nexus 7 includes a google file manager which is not good, so you shoud try others. Touch Google Play, download and install "ES File Manager". Then open it, find the file and delete it.

How to transfer/read .mobi files on Nexus 7

I have a laptop stored lots of kindle format book .mobi files. Now I want to put some books onto my Nexus 7 and read them. How can I transferr files to the tablet and which ebook viewer I should use?

Cool Reader is one of the best ebook reader and supports  mobi (non-DRM). The simplest to move is a normal USB transfer.
* Plug your N7 into your PC using the USB cable.
* A new disk drive will show up under "My Computer". Open it and create a "Books" folder. Drag and drop your EPUB books (no DRM) into it.
* On your tablet, open Cool Reader app and tap the three dots to import. Once you're done, select a book and start reading. You can also try Dropbox to sync/share files between your devices.

Bluetooth/WiFi/GPS toggle widgets for Nexus 7

Widgets on the home screen gives users a unique way to see information or change the settings of your device. It's a pain that you have to constantly dig through Setting to disable or enable something. With toggle widgets, the particular functions alleviates this pain.

Best toggle widgets for Nexus 7
* Power Widget lite (BK Mobility) puts a widget bar on your home screen, so you can easily monitor and toggle a multitude of settings, including Airplane,WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS, Stay awake, Always On, Screen Timeout. It's highly customizable but lacks of data off/on switch.
* Power Controls app also contains the above toggle options. It works perfect and has other useful features, such Battery info, Custom app/system shortcut and resize widget. Simpler and Faster than Widgetsoid 2.x.

Use Nexus 7 as GPS system without data connection

The Nexus 7 has the built-in GPS connectivity features, but the tablet doesn't support 3G network. Can I use the Nexus 7 as a GPS system for navigation without a data connection?

Yes, you can in a limited way. The GPS pairs up with Google Map's offline mode for offline reference and navigation. You need to open Google Maps app, go to your location first, set it to offline view and download it. It allows you to store up to 80MB per region. Notes that it doesn't support downloading the entire "world".

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ebook Readers for Nexus 7

I have lots of ePub books on my computer and turn the PC into an ebook reader for a long time. Now I have got the Nexus 7 and love the bigger screen. Is there a good ebook reader which is currently working for the tablet?

Best Ebook Readers for Nexus 7 Tablets
* Kobo has online bookstore and allows you to import ePUB content. It's clean interface and actually pretty nice, but doesn't offer a two-page layout.
* Kindle app for Android tablet let you read all your Kindle books with your Amazon account. It has the cheap eBooks, but doesn't support the ePUB format.
* FBreader supports epub, rtf, fb2(.zip), mobi, and plain text file formats. The app runs fast and has many good features. However, it looks ugly and the page curl animation is terrible.

Nexus 7 can't enter recovery mode issue

I have just bought a Nexus 7, but can't get it to enter recovery mode. I press Power + volume up + volume down and choose "recovery mode" in the lists. The Google logo stays there indefinitely, then the tablet just returns back on normal mode. I haven't rooted the N7.

This is a well-known problem with android operating system. You need to connect your Nexus 7 to computer using USB cable, then do Power + VolumeDown on the tablet to get into recovery mode. Issues fixed.

How to change sound volume on Nexus Q

When you unpack your Nexus Q for the first time, the system sounds are set to the default settings. If you need to change the sound volume of Nexus Q Media Player, try the following step by step:

How to Adjust physical volume controls on Nexus Q
* Turn the upper half of the Q clockwise to  increase volume. The LED turns blue and it gets louder.
* Touch the LED on its top to mute or unmute the Q. The LED on top will dim.

Change the volume for all rooms simultaneously
* On your android phone/tablet, use the volume button while the app are streaming music/video.

Enable handwrite in Google search on Nexus 7

Google has released handwriting recognition for its search homepage. With Handwrite feature, you can draw with your fingers to write while visiting Google.com and then the writing will be converted to text into the search box. The new feature works on tablets running Android 4.0 +, phones running Android 2.3+, and iOS 5+ devices.

How to Enable handwrite in Google search on Nexus 7
* Open Chrome browser to access Google homepage.
* Touch Settings at the bottom and go to the Handwrite section. Select Enable to turn it on and touch "Save" button.
* Refresh the homepage and you can see a Handwrite icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Tap on it to get starting.

How to Delete paired bluetooth device on Nexus7

There is an old bluetooth headset, that I no longer used, from the list of paired devices on my Nexus7. I have bought a new headset and can't find a way to remove the old one. I have to find the device by turning on/off Bluetooth.

How to Delete paired bluetooth device on Nexus 7
* Go to Settings 》 Wireless & networks 》Bluetooth.
* Press and hold on device you want to unpair/delete. If it  promptes, uninstall the device.
* Then scan for devices again. It will automatically disappear from the list eventually.

Lock individual apps with passcode on Nexus 7

Once someone get hold of your Nexus 7 in an unlocked state, they can easily access all apps and datas, such as  photos in gallery, contacts, camera, calendar and Gmail messages. So you need an android app that would let you lock specific apps and protect your privacy.

Perfect AppLock is a useful organized app which helps you protect any applications you want with a passcode. After install and open the app, it will let you enter the default password consisting of four digits. The Google Play and Settings will be locked automatically and you can select individual apps and checkmark it to lock.

How to disable Pop-up blockers on Nexus7 Chrome browser

By default Pop-up blockers feature is enabled in Chrome browser on Nexus 7 tablet. It automatically prevent from pop-up windows. But sometime it may cause Wifi Authentication issue or web apps not working.

How to Disable Google Chrome's Pop-up blockers on Nexus 7
* Touch Chrome app and tap the built-in Menu button.
* Touch More "Settings", uncheck "Block pop-up windows" to disable the pop-up blocker. Now you should be able to make use of pop-up windows.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Nexus 7 black screen at boot when setup

I have got my New Nexus 7 and charged it for hours. When I  press and hold the power button to start up the tablet in my bed room, the display shows google logo and the multi-coloured Nexus symbol, and then jus a black screen. Now it is nothing happens. Is this a start up bug. Anyone else have a solution for fixing the issue?

If you first setup Nexus 7 in a dark place, you will have exactly same problem. Because the auto-brightness feature is not set properly by default. Power it up and take it outside in the sunlight or on a flashlight when the display goes dark. You will see the start triangle. Touch it and finish your setting up. Then go to Setting, enable "Automatic brightness" and adjust your brightness.

How to turn Nexus Q into USB Debug Mode

USB Debugging mode can help developers troubleshoot around the applications issues. If you need to turn Nexus Q media player into USB Debug Mode, try the follwing step by step introduction:

* First it requires a Micro AB USB cable and an Android phone/tablet which has installed the Nexus Q application. Then setup your Nexus Q with WiFi network.
* On the Android device, go to Settings, Developer Options. Turn on it and check "USB debugging".
* Open the Nexus Q application. Selete your Q device, go to Advanced and move USB debugging slider to ON. Now you can plug the USB cable with the Nexus Q and your computer.

Set Chrome browser to Desktop Mode on nexus 7

I always use Chrome browser to access websites. On nexus 7, Chrome renders pages as their mobile versions instead of full desktop pages. Mobile sites looks smaller on the big screen. And I have to go to settings and tap request desktop. Is there anyway to set browser to Desktop Mode on all the time by default? How can I do that?

Unfortunately, Chrome for android doesn't have this feature. Now I start using Dolphin HD with Dolphin Desktop Toggle Add-ons. It is easy to load web pages as Desktop view or Mobile view, and switch quickly between two views.

Google Now search result not clickable on Nexus 7

There are Google Now issues on my Nexus 7. When I type something  from the search bar, Google Now pops up the web results. But the links won't direct to open the browser if I actually click at the titles. To get it working fine, I need to touch a little bit lower on the brief description area.

However, I tap more 》shopping to filter the results. The results will become not clickable, even using the above method. Then I try speaking "wallet" to Google Now and go to shopping results. Now selecting any image item does open webpages from the link via Chrome. Issues fixed.

How to delete Gallery Thumbnails on Nexus 7

I often transfer the photos from my Nexus 7 to the PC computer, and then delete them from the tablet. But I notes that the thumbnails remain in the Gallery app. They are black with no photo and the N7 keeps warning the space is getting filled.

How to delete Gallery Thumbnails on Nexus 7
* Go to Settings 》 Apps, and tap on the gallery app. Tap "force close" and then "clear data". Go to restart the gallery and all thumbnails from images that do not exist are gone. Works for me.
* Use Astro file manager to clear thumbnail cache. Delete "com.cooliris.media" directory.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chrome not syncing bookmarks on Nexus 7

I have all my bookmarks in Chrome browser on my desktop, and then I have signed in and enabled sync. On my Nexus 7 tablet, I sign into  Chrome using the same account and also have synced. But when I open the Bookmarks and poke "Desktop Bookmarks" or "Other Bookmarks", there is nothing.

I go to clear cache and history, and it will sync a certain amount of bookmark folders but then just stops. Then I remove my google accounts from both chrome on my computer and on Nexus 7, and re-add them. Now it seem to work seamlessly.

How to Remove unused home screens on Nexus7

I recently got my Nexus 7 and have got 5 home screens. Now I just like the one main screen and want to remove others that I don't use. Touching the little dots on the screen just swipe between them.

How to remove/delete unused Nexus 7 home screens
* Place two fingers on any home screen and drag in a counter clockwise direction. All home screens will show up. Then drag a unused screens to the trash. Not working on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
* Use Apex Launcher to create a customized homescreen. You can custom homescreen grid size and pick how many screens you want.

How to find Nexus Q MAC addresses

A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a number that identifies the network adaptor on the device. If you want to protect your wireless network against hackers seeking to steal your data, you can lock your router to specific MAC addresses.To get Nexus Q working fine, you need to add the Nexus Q's MAC address to the list.

How to find Nexus Q MAC addresses
* Download and install the Nexus Q app from Google PLay store on your Android phone or tablet.
* During setup processing, it will show error message if Nexus Q can't connect with Wi-Fi. The Nexus Q's MAC address is in the message.

Open Rar/7zip/Zip file on nexus 7

Nexus 7's android 4.1 doesn't handle many file formats natively and is missing buit-in rar file opener for non-root users. To open compressed files from the tablet, Astro File Manager supports Zip, Rar, Gz, or Tar formats. But for the 7Zip format or bzip2 format, the File Manager can't and AndroZip File Manager can help you.

AndroZip File Manager allows you to copy, delete, move, search, and organize your files and folders, open the compressed files and also  uncompress them. With the drag and drop function, it's easy to organize your files. It also comes with  task killer and application manager.

Keep WiFi on during sleep on nexus 7

I have setup wifi in the settings correctly and it works fine when I am using my nexus 7. When I download a game and put the tablet in standby or sleep mode, thw WiFi turn off automatically. Now I need to make it having a connection for transmiting data all the time.

How to keep WiFi on during sleep on nexus 7
* From Home screen, go to Settings 》 Wireless & networks 》WiFi.
* You'll have a choice to either Scan, or Advanced. Tap on Advanced  (three dots in upper corner).
* Set "Keep WiFi on during sleep" to "Always".

Cannot login to Facebook app on nexus 7

On my home wifi network, my nexus 7 has a connection and I can browse and download apps, but can't log into facebook and just get the "no connection" error. Try removing Facebook app then install it again, cleaning the cache and not working. I can access FB on my computer with no problem.

However, when I try logging into a public wifi hotspots, facebook works fine on the tablet. After swicthing to home, it just won't work again. Finally, I go to flush my router/wifi, renew the IP and then fix the issues.

Make landscape orientation work with Nexus7 home screen

By default the Nexus 7's home screen only works in portrait mode and doesn't support landscape mode. The home screen won't rotate if turned your tablet horizontally. There are also some third-party apps, like Flipboard, isn't rotating into landscape mode.

How to make landscape orientation working with home screen and android apps
* Open Google Play Store app, download and install "Ultimate Rotation Control". This app does fully control the orientation of your screen, really lock to all rotations and supports per application preferences.
* Open it and change the "Current Rotation" setting to "Auto".
* Now Return to Home screen, swipe down the notification panel. There is a "Rotate" item. Tap on it and then "Global".

No sound while playing .mkv files on Nexus 7

When I play some .mkv files with 6ch DTS audio on my Nexus 7 using multiple video player apps, such as MX player and diceplayer, there is no sound and only picture. I try changing audio settings, but nothing happens.

Most of the popular Android players has removed DTS codecs support, so DTS would not work with them. It seems no way to fix the DTS issues. You could probably convert MKV with DTS sound to other video format, or load them in Plex on your PC/Mac computer and stream them to the tablet.

How to factory reset nexus Q

If your nexus Q device is not woking fine or set up properly by the new owner, you can manual factory data reset without using your android phone or tablet, and  then the Q will be wiped. It erases all settings and data, and then return it to the exact default state as when you first opened the box.

How to Factory reset nexus Q
* First unplug the Nexus Q, then plug it in again.
* Quickly place your palm over the single LED on top for about 10 seconds until the ring LED stops flashing red and starts circling blue. If the LED turns solid red, you have to unplug and plug the Q to start again.
* When the ring LED pulses purple to indicate, it means that it is wiping all data and setting. If the Nexus Q display a rotating blue spot, finally the reset is complete.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to setup Nexus Q

Nexus Q is the first social streaming media player from Google. It allows you to connect to your home theater system and use to stream your Google Music, Movies, TV Shows, or YouTube videos.

How to setup Nexus Q
* When you get the gadget, use two hands to lift your Nexus Q from the packaging carefully, and then place it near your equipment.
* The Q is a metal ball with a 4.6-inch diameter. The ports on the back of the sphere include four outputs: an audio output port (TOSLINK), a micro-HDMI output, a micro-USB port, , and a 10/100 Ethernet jack. There are other items in the box: Power cable, HDMI cable and Quick Start Guide.
* Connect the two-prong power cable to the wall and connect your favorite pair of bookshelf speakers.
* Nexus Q uses Wi-Fi or Ethernet for streaming music and videos. By default, it uses standard Wi-Fi network that must support 802.11 a/b/g/n at 2.4GHz or 5GHz. I use an old Belkin router and get an error message saying "the Q could not be found". Then I get modern Linksys router and it works. It seems that your router should have multicasting enabled. If you want to work with Ethernet, just connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port.
* Now connect an HDMI cable to an HDMI input on your receiver. I go to boot it up and  see the  welcome screen on my TV.
* On your Android phone or tablet, install the Nexus Q app from Google Play store. The app will finds the Q on the network. After set the name for Q, load up a Youtube video and tap "beaming" icon in the top right corner.

How to Save Email Attachments on nexus 7 from Gmail or Email App

I have set up a POP3 and gmail account on nexus 7, but I can't find any option to save email attachments. I didn't see anything in my account settings nor any choices while receiving an email with an attachment.

Save my Attach is a usful utility app that can download any sort of  attachments from Gmail and the stock Email, including picture, MP3, PDF and etc. After instlled on the tablet, just open your mail app, touch the preview button, and select "save my attach" option from the pop- up lists. Then you can also rename the file.

Nexus7 Home button with keyboard spacebar issues

When I am writing an email in the middle of typing with my fat finger on Nexus 7's touch screen, sometime I press the home button instead of the space bar on keyboard. That's obviously lose any work I was doing. But my Galaxy S3's keyboard is bigger than normal and it's easy for typing.

Today I giant 3rd party Android keyboard app called Swype Beta, which supports Multimodal, Next Word Prediction and Voice & Text Dictionary Sync. With it, I swyp across the Navigation bar and nothing happens. For much typing, I think using Bluetooth keyboard is the best.

Best RSS Reader Apps for Nexus 7

You may always open browser to check out the latest news, but RSS does simplifie the way for news. If You are looking for a RSS reader app for using in your Nexus 7 tablet, take a look at the best RSS readers I could find. Each of the RSS readers can be found and installed in the Google Play store.

* gReader is a RSS feed client that allows you to view all at the same time or view your feeds by category. It syncs with Google Reader account and has the ability to search feed on the list.
* Google Reader is easiest to configure and features swipe  navigation that's similar to flip through the pages of a book.
* Pulse News is a typical RSS reader incorporated visuals. Easy to add any content in one place and run smothely. It Features offline sync, dual view and easy sharing.
* NewsRob has simple UI and syncs faster with RSS feeds than others. It autosyncs with Google Reader in the background ans supports great gesture.

How to Delete All Contacts in Nexus 7 people app

I have setup my Google accounts on Nexus 7 and sync contacts into the People app, but get duplicate issue. I just want to do a fresh import for that. How can I delete all contacts from all accounts at one time?

Like the earlier versions of android, jelly bean 4.1 doesn't have an option to delete all the contacts within the people app. You have to delete each contacts separately one by one. It's annoying.

There is a solution to clear all the contacts. Go to Settings 》Apps, select the People app and tap "Clear data".

Setup proxy settings in Nexus 7

I just bought a new Nexus 7 a few days ago. To use my university wireless network, I need to add the proxy settings. But I can't figure out how to do that on the tablet.

How to Setup proxy settings in Nexus 7 Android 4.1
* Open "Setting" and then "Wi-Fi".
* Long press on your network, select "Modify network" and tick "Show advanced options" checkbox.
* Tap Proxy Settings, and then Manual. Enter the Proxy hostname, and the proxy port number. Then tap Save.

You can also use some Android Proxy apps from Play store to do that.

How to view wifi password on nexus 7

I need the WiFi password is for the Linksys G router and can't remember how to log into the router. However, I have it saved on my nexus 7 so that the tablet connects automatically. Now I have forgotten that Wi-Fi network key. Try a few apps from the Play sotre, but not working. How can view stored wireless network passwords?

If your nexus 7 is rooted, just use a file explorer app, go to
/data/misc/wifi, and open the wpa_supplicant.conf. In the file, "ssid" is the name of the wireless network, and "key_mgmt" is the password of the wireless network.

How To Backup and Restore Nexus 7 with Titanium

Android device has the ability to backup your wallpaper and some applications with your google account. If you need to backup everything on Nexus 7, such as  system datas/settings, Market links, all applications and their associated data, the solution is to use the powerful backup app Titanium Backup root which comes with free and premium ($6.56).

How To Backup and Restore Nexus 7 with Titanium Backup
* To do that, you must have to root your tablet, so the app can full access the Android operating system.

Performing Your First Backup
* Open the app, go to Backup/Restore tab.
* Tap the Menu button and select [RUN] Backup all user apps + system data 》Run the batch operation. The backup will start processing everything.
* Connect N7 to your computer,  navigate to /TitaniumBackup/ and copy entire directory to hard storage or dropbox cloud.

Restoring a Backup
* The app offers several options to restore, like restore everything, individual app data, or App only.
* In the Backup/Restore screen, Touch Menu 》 Batch, choose your restoration needs, and touch "Restore".

How to create Chrome Bookmarks Bar on nexus 7

The iPhone version of Chrome has the built-in bookmarks bar feature, but the Android app lacks of it. However, you can create a similar set up on your home screen. That make it faster to open these favorite website without opening Chrome app first.

How to Add A Chrome Bookmarks Bar to nexus 7 Home Screen
* Touch Chrome app, tap on the bookmarks sign, and the Star icon at the bottom.
* Select Mobile Bookmarks or Desktop Boomarks. Touch and hold a bookmark, and select "Add to Home Screen". Repeat this for others. Then go to Home screen and arrange them.

How to Use Cloud Print on Nexus 7

The iPad has an AirPrint feature which let you wirelessly print to any AirPrint-enabled printer, but Nexus 7 doesn't has that. If you want to print photos, email, web pages, and documents from the Nexus 7, Google Cloud Print can help you.

How to Use Cloud Print on Nexus 7
* On your computer, login to Google.com/CloudPrint using your Google account and set up Cloud Print.
* On the tablet, install Cloud Print app from the Play Store.After launch it, the main interface shows a few options. Tap the "Settings", log in to the same Google account, and then choose "Google Cloudprint ready".
* Now the feature integrates with the Android Share menu of any relevant app. For example, open a pohto in Gallery app, press "Share" option 》Cloud Print. In the confirmation screen, tap  "Page setup" to change the page size and orientation. Then tap "Click here to Print" and it will be sent to your assigned printer.

How to sync iPhone iCloud Photostream to Nexus 7

iPhone has the Photostream feature. When you take a picture and iCloud automatically pushes it to all your devices. It works for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows, without supporting any Android devices. If you have an iPhone and a Nexus 7, here is a way to sync the iClould Photosteam to the tablet.

* First install iCloud on your Windows computer. Click Start menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet, then iCloud. Check "Photo Stream", click the "Options.." next to it, and configure the download/Upload folder.
* Install Picasa software, enable the Sync to Web feature. Create a  Web Album to sync the above photos folder.
* On your Nexus 7 tablet, setup the same Google account for syncing. You will see all Photostream pictures in the Gallery app.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Google now voice/cards not working in UK

I have bought the UK nexus 7 and notes Voice commands and google now cards are not working in Europe. When I try to assign a voice command  "set alarm to 21:45", it understands completely well the sentence but just does a google search and gives me the results. I use other voice commands, like "Remind me to shopping at 8 O'Clock tomorrow", and none of the cards show up.

Finally I go to Settings 》 Language & Input, and change the language from UK to English US. The problem solved. Now it can show a weather card and pictures of androids on my tablet.

Fix Google Now Voice search not talking back

The Google Now Voice search is not talking back on my Nexus 7. When  I use Google Now on the wifi at work, it listens to me, speaks "Recognizing..." for 6 seconds, then just goes back to "Tap mic to start speaking." I have tried changing the language from UK to english (US) and still no speak replies, including weather.

That's a firewall issue with that. The service's IP and ports are blocking by firewall on our work network. After I add a rule to the firewall to the connection,  Google Now works perfectly on my tablet.

Destination ports: 5228 and 14259. 5228 is needed for push notifications.
Google server IP: and

Fix Play store Package File is Invalid

Whenever I try to install or update any applications from the Google play store, I keep getting the "Package file is invalid" error message on Nexus 7. I am using the same account for NXS and N7 which is unrooted. Somttimes I might get "No download at all" or "Download Unsuccessful".

If your Play store App's cache memory is full or lack of space on your device for the download, you will get these errors. Here is the steps on how to fix the Google Play "Package File is Invalid" on Nexus 7.

* Tap Settings in the app drawer, scroll down to "Apps" and select "All".
* Tap Google Play and force stop it. Tap "Clear Cache", "Clear Data" and "Uninstall Updates".
* Exit every app and reboot the device. Then run a Google sync and try it again.

Calculating time to copy files while transfering files

I can't transfer files to/from my Nexus 7 to/from my PC. Every time I copy an mkv files straight to the tablet, Windows gets stuck on the "Calculating time to copy files" error message. Then windows explorer turns unresponsive, crashes and lets me pull out the USB cable. Try renaming files and trurning "usb debugging" on/off, but not working.

How to fix the file copying issues with Nexus 7
* Use a different cable.
* Use a 3rd party file manager on Windows, dropbox or a wifi transfer program.
* DivX codec installed on computer can cause the problem. Uninstall this codec.

How to read QR code from Nexus 7 camera

QR codes are the trademark for a type of matrix barcode and graphical app download hooks. With the barcode scanner app, you can  use it to download android apps. But the Nexus 7 doesn't have built-in rear camera. It seems that it's not the ability to read QR codes. How can I use QR code on the tablet?

ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader app claimes another app don't use the camera, so you have to close others first and start scaning barcodes.

The 3rd android app Barcode Scanner + (Plus) app is compatibility with the Nexus 7 and work like a champ. It supports scaning any 2D barcode, like QR Code, Datamatrix, EZcode. I have not had a single problem with it.

How To Make Skype Video Calls On Nexus 7

Skype is the popular software for voice and video calls and supports Mac, Windows and Android operating systems. By default, the Android version disables the video calling option. If you want to setup Skype and make Video Calls on Nexus 7, try the following setp by step:

* If the tablet doesn't have Skype installed yet, open Google PLay, search for "Skype" and install it.
* Open Skype from your apps, press menu and select Setting. Check "Enable video calls" and tap "Continue" in notifying. Then Skype will automatically reload.
* Select one of your contacts and choose "Skype call" action. That use your Front camera and supports both portrait and landscape mode.

Facebook Android App Support Front-Facing Camera

The official Facebook for Android has updated to version 1.9.7. It brings the following improvements and fixes:

* Add support for front-facing camera. Now you can easily take photos and videos from Nexus 7 and share to your friend and family.
* Switch messaging between conversations
* Login and navigation become more faster. Security improvement and bug fixed.

I have had no problems with this app in the past. It's really annoying that scrolling the page often flickers on the tablet after updated.

Chrome not redirect Wifi Authentication on Nexus 7

To connect WiFi at my school, it redirects the browser to a log in page to fully access the WiFi network. But when I enter a website like yahoo in Chrome app on my Nexus 7, Chrome doesn't have pop-up prompts and won't redirect for Wifi Authentication. It displays the error message "Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resole the server's DNS address."

On my computer and iPad 2, all browsers including chrome work fine. I have tried forgetting/disconnecting the network and manually reconnect, but not working. I think I need to try other browser, like Firefox or Opera app.

Youtube connection to server lost on Nexus 7

For some time, I get issues with loading videos from the youtube application on Nexus 7 with WiFi network. When I try to play the video, it always shows error message "Connection to server lost, touch to retry." But the Netflix stream flawlessly on both my N7 and desktops computer. Clearing cache, re-install it but not working. I have the stock tablet, without root.

Finally I toggle the HQ button to OFF while watching a movie, the video starts to load perfectly. However, this is only a work around. If I re-enable HQ feature, the issue still remains.

Does anybody know about how to fix it?

WiFi/Bluetooth tether with Nexus 7

WiFi tethering is an essential feature on Android phones. I want to use WiFi and Bluetooth tethering on my DROID RAZR phone, without the added cost of a tethering plan, so I can use created networks with Nexus 7. Which tethering app supports that?

FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root) is tethering app turning your Android phone into free WiFi Hotspot, without rooting or tether plan. It's the easiest and simplest to use. I used it to do Bluetooth tethering from Galaxy Nexus and my my Nexus 7 requires no other apps. That seems to work great but some apps on the tablet don't recognize it as an internet connection. Very useful while I travel.

How to Fix this item is not compatible with your device

When I try to download a variety of Android apps which are compatible with my Nexus 7, Goolge PLay store app always displays a error message "This item is not compatible with your device." Try restarting but still get the same issue. Is there anything else I can try?

You can use these methods that are a guaranteed fix on most devices.
* Go to your Settings 》 Apps, tap on the Google PLay app. Press "Clear cache" first and then "Clear data" second.
* If you have custom rom on Nexus 7, go to set LCD back to the regular density.

Play Nexus 7 games with PS3 controller

Physical controls are always better for playing fast-paced game than touchscreen interface. With the Sixaxis Controller app (Dancing Pixel Studios), It's possible to play Android games on Nexus 7 with your PS3 controller, by making the tablet an emulation paradise. It supports Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers.

In order to get it working, you must have root access. After pairing it over USB, you have up to four controllers at once. It worked like a charm on Android 4.1 jelly bean with latest update. However, all audio are disabled and you should set profiles by touching before using it with.

The Dark Knight Rises fixes Nexus 7 issues

The Dark Knight Rises game for Android is now available on Google Play Store. In the game, as the Dark Knight, you will fight crime and protect Gotham City from Bane. It boasts plenty of missions and many thing to deal with, such as car chases, bomb squads an jailbreaks.

Recently many users discover that the game isn't exactly compatible with the Nexus 7 tablet. After purchasing it from Google Play store, you can't download. Now the Dark Knight Rises gets Nexus 7 fix in app update. But it's annoying that you may downloaded this certain game resource twice to your tablet. Overall, awesome game brings back all my memories.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Delete Location History in Google Now on Nexus 7

I have set my home and work addresses in Google Now and they kept knowing where I was. Finally I realized I had enabled location history on Nexus 7. Privacy concerns is a very personal thing and I generally care how much Google knows about me. So I have turned off both location reporting and location history. But my previously recorded history is still available to Google services.

How to Delete Location History in Google Now on Nexus 7
* You have to do that on a desktop computer.
* Open location history and log in.
* The web page will show your location history for any date. Click "Delete all history" and "OK".

Google now cards not showing on Nexus 7

I have set weather to automatically show up, but no google now cards show up on my Nexus 7. The GPS is working and I use for navigation perfectly fine. Google now seems not to find my location. Others and voice search work fine on the tablet, except for weather cards. How can I fix the issues?

* Google provides the sample cards in N7. You may need to enable one of them as a card you want to see.
* Touch the Google Search bar from Home screen. In main screen, touch Show more cards to expand additional ones. Touch Menu 》Settings, and turn a specific card ON.

Best android cloud storage apps for Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 comes with limited on-board storage, but you can use online storage service to increase capacity. With using any such service, it's easy to upload files, access the files, share with others, have backup and restory from any platform. There are cloud storage apps for Android offering best user experience on Nexus 7 tablet with WiFi network.

* Box for Android app offers free 50 GB online storage. It allows you to access, view, edit, manage and share files directly through a tablet, computer or mobile phone. One downside is the limit for video size, because no way to upload large HD videos.
* Dropbox is one of the simplest apps in Google PLay store. The free account gets 2 GB. Good enough for store documents and email attachments. It syncs data automatically and supports offline viewing.
* SugarSync offers 5 GB and comes with AutoSync Photo feature. It supprots multiple files uploading and music playback, but doesn't have search option.
* Ubuntu One Files/Music apps, used with single Ubuntu ID, give you  5 GB. YOu can upload images, videos, audio and other files. Avoiding uploading duplicate files is its crucial feature.

How to stream video from NAS network drive to Nexus 7

I use a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo in my home network. It runs fine for my computer and my wife's laptop as well as stream to HDTV. But I want to be able to acsess the media files and stream  videos to my tablet. I have searched the Play store but find no app to do that.

How to stream video from hard network drive to Nexus 7
* In your router, forward port 1223 to your network drive's internal IP address and use TCP/UDP protocol.
* On your tablet, install "ES File Explorer" and "MX Video Player" from Google PLay store.
* In ES File Explorer, go to LAN tab, menu, New, Server, and configure the options. After done, you will see the network drive as a Samba share. Touch it to browse files, tap on the video file and select "MX Video Player" to play.

Turn Nexus 7 to access 3G with MiFi

The Nexus 7 WiFi tablet has less-expensive. If you couldn't wait for the 3G version and instead had to get the Wi-Fi version, turn your tablet with 3G right away. But it seems to be no way unless you root the device.

How to Turn Nexus 7 to access 3G with MiFi
The easiest solution is to buy a Novatel MiFi device. The MiFi is a portable wireless router that takes the 3G signal it receives and broadcasts it as a Wi-Fi signal. On your Nexus 7, you will find the MiFi signal available in your Wi-Fi networks. Just connect it and go to Web surfing and video streaming wirelessly over 3G. In addition, you also need to buy monthly data plan.

Video Editing App for Nexus 7 with 720p Export & Fade In/Out

Nexus 7 is powered with 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. That performs faster enough to do something. Without a desktop computer and laptop, you can also directly edit the bulky videos on your Nexus 7.

AndroMedia Video Editor (echCat Mobile) is Android application which let you fully create featured video clips with special action effects, such as frame size, FadeIn and FadeOut, transition effects, HD export and overlay title clips. The app supports MP4, MOV, WAV file formats, and creates Frame size in 1280 x 720, 640 x 360 and 360 x 240. It's quite simple and easy to use on the tablet. Perfect for creating professional looking youtube videos.

Compatible chargers for Nexus 7

Nexus 7 charges via regular micro USB and the charger is a 2A charger. If you lose your the OEM charger, it seems that you have to buy a new one. Don't worry. There are some compatible chargers woking really well at exactly the same rate.

The compatible chargers list for Nexus 7
* The blackberry playbook 1.8a charger.
* HP TouchPad charger
* Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Charger.
* Galaxy SII do the job quickly and well.
* A Motorola wall charger plugged in the wa

The iPad 2's, Blackberry phone's and Philips universal charger are not working for that.

Nexus 7 speakers not working & crackling

I have used my Nexus 7 for about 3 days and find some issues with internal speakers. The sound is a bit tinny and volume is also not especially loud while I am playing youtube videos. If I change the speaker at higher levels, sounds become fuzzy and distort. But my PLayBook have full stereo sound. It seems to be a loudness issue. Using a speaker boosting app helps me a little.

When the volume is completely muted or turn the screen off, the speakers are still crackling at random, even disabled sound in the  settings. Sometime it stops working and I have to get it back by reboot tablet.

Hope Google quickly releases a software update to fix the issues.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to fix force close loops app issue on Nexus 7

When you install a android app on Nexus 7 and try it, it may cause your tablet to keep restarting the app itself over and over and you can't do anything else. If you have got the error force close loop issues, try the following step by step:

How to fix loops app error on Nexus 7
* Turn your tablet off by pressing and holding the Power button.
* It will give you prompted, long press on "Power off" and then you will see Safe Mode words. Touch "OK" button.
* Go to Setting, Apps and remove the offending app.

How to sync Facebook contacts to the People app

I install the Facebook app on my Nexus 7 and sign in, but it doesn't ask if I want to sync contacts. The app could import that on my Galaxy S3. I go to Settings 》 Accounts, seleet my Facebook account and enable contacts syncing. Then touch the People app, go to its setting 》Contacts to display and set my account to display all contacts. After doing that, it's still not working for me.

How to sync Facebook contacts to the People app on Nexus 7
* Google and Facebook dispute over the API, so the device doesn't have it stock apparently.
* You need to use HaxSync - 4.x Facebook Sync app. With HaxSync, you can sync your Facebook friends and Events on Jelly Bean (4.1) and havethe same experience with Google+ one. After install it, open HaxSync, go to settings 》Preferences 》 Contact Settings,and uncheck "Existing Contacts Only". Then go to delete your FB account and re-add it.

Nexus7 touch screen no response after gaming

I have experienced the screen issues on my Nexus 7 personally. After playing games like Nova3, Puddle THD, Shadowgunning and FFVI for 2 hours, right side of touch screen becomes unresponsive. During the game, that makes the frame rate dropping and I feel stuttering and lag. After quit, it's also unresponsive and almost impossible for typing. Finally, I have to reboot the tablet.

I notice that the screen has some moisture and oily which may come from the gaming and make to act up. Go to find a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. And use it to clear the touchscreen and that  seem to become responsive now.

How to change first day of week in calendar on Nexus 7

The calendar app alway starts on Monday. That tell you the proper first day of the week in the current locale. But if you need to change it to be Sunday, try the following step by step:

How to change first day of week in calendar on Nexus 7
* Open the default Calendar app. Touch the menu button, select "Settings" 》 "First day of the week" 》 set it to "Sunday".
* If you have used and putted calendar widget on home screen, you need to remove and then re-add it to desktop. Then Widget will starts with Sun day.

Best Android calendar apps for Nexus 7

The built-in calendar app on Nexus 7 is insufficient and lack of certain desired features. After searching for alternatives in Google Play, I find some better Android calendar apps/widgets for the Nexus 7 tablet.

* Business Calendar (Appgenix Software) is a complete calendar app that is synchronising with any number of Google calendars. It offers multiple views, search  events function, scroll- and zoomable multi-day view. You can also use its widget for showing different details across various date ranges.
* Agenda Widget make it easy to view your events and tasks on the  homescreen. It interacts with Exchange. But when I go to customize, it keeps crashing.
* CalWidget (egg 'n stone) is a Calendar Widget whcih shows as many events as possible. It is not interactive, because you have to add, remove, and edit appointments within the built-in calendar app.

Play Xbox Live gaming on Nexus 7 coming soon

Windows Phone is integrated Xbox Live with account management, social features, and gaming support. Microsoft has already released a My Xbox Live app for iOS and Android, but it lacks gaming support. Now they are planing to take the Xbox Live gaming to these platforms.

There are limited games in the Xbox Live library. If you want to enjoy the entertainment experience, just wait for the app and then start playing Xbox live on your Nexus 7 tablet.

How to Remove Android Virus on Nexus 7

Android tablet is possible to get viruses, but not very likely. Virus can make the system slowly and steal your personal information. If you find your Nexus 7 have got an Android Virus, you'd better remove it immediately.

Downloading malicious apps on Android tablet is easily infected. Here is how to prevent the virus from reinfecting your Nexus 7.

* Install one of reputable and effective Antivirus Software for Android, such as AVG Mobilation, avast! Mobile Security, Comodo Mobile Security, Lookout Mobile Security and Dr.Web for Android.
* If the above is not working, you need to do Factory Reset to the default settings. But all off your personal datas and apps will be deleted.

Universal OnLive Wireless Controller support Nexus 7 soon

The Nexus 7 is a powerful tablet for playing action games, but it lacks of a controller. However, OnLive is woking on getting their OnLive Universal Controller to support the new tablet.

The Controller allows you to connects to Android tablets and phones for play games with the OnLive gaming service over a WiFi connection. It costs about $50 and includes wireless controller, wireless adapter, rechargeable battery pack, AA batteries and USB charging cable. With it, you can enjoy the experience on N7 with Homefront, Dirt 3, and Batman: Arkham City games.

How to Delete Mulitple Photos on nexus 7

When the hard disk is quickly run out of space, you could delete multiple files by plugging the nexus 7 into your computer. It's also other way to do it right on the handheld.

How to Delete Mulitple Photos on nexus 7
* Open the Gallery app and navigate to the album folder which locates the photos you want to delete.
* From the preview screen, touch menu key on bottom and tap "Select" item.
* Select photos you wish to delete and long hold on the images. A long menu will pops out and you need to select the delete option or tap the dustbin icon.

If you want to remove Photo from Gallery, go into the gallery and Press on the photo you want to delete and hold your finger down and then it will ask if you want to delete.

Turn Your nexus 7 into FTP Server

Sometimes you have to connect your tablet to computer to access the data on nexus 7. To be lazy, it's convenient to connect to your device wirelessly and organise or modify the files via FTP. FTPServer by Andreas Liebig is a free FTP server app that  turn your device into an FTP server. Then you can a FTP client on computer to transfer files to/from the tablet.

Setting up is very easy process. If you don't have knowledge of networking (IP address, ports), configurable might be a trouble. I type the address preceded by ftp:// into a web browser, then cut and paste some music files, but it's no readonly restriction.

How to recover deleted picture/video on nexus 7

I have accidentally deleted my photos and a few videos from my nexus 7, which are very important for me. I haven't made a synchronization with them and don't backup. Is there a way to undelete or retrieve and get these back?

* First of all, don't overwrite anything on the nexus 7 device if you plan to recover its cache files or something.
* There are many different recovery tools. You can mount the tablet as a USB and try one of them to recover data. But I think they are probably unrecoverable.

Expand Nexus7 storage with microUSB OTG Cable

The storage capability of Nexus 7 tablet is only 8G or 16G. Unlike some other cheaper tablet, it has only a micro USB connectoer and supports OTG, without the larger standard USB connector. If you need to add external storage or transfer files by mounting flash drive to microUSB, it seems to be no way.

There is few flash drive with micro usb. However, with SANOXY Micro USB Host Mode OTG Cable Flash Drive SD T-Flash Card Adapter from Amazon, it's easy to expand the memory of Nexus 7 without adding too much volume. The product is good quality construction, and works flawlessly with my N7 and Stickmount.

Links: Kingston Wi-Drive wireless storage for Nexus 7

Hide albums/photo in Gallery App on Nexus 7

There are various photos and albums on my Nexus 7. Everytime I open the Gallery app, it takes a long time to load them and currently seems to show everything. But I just want to hide my private picture. Is there any way to set up which folders to hide and which folders to show on the tablet?

Photo Locker is a excellent hidden gallery app that can help you hide sensitive pictures securely and conveniently, and encrypt them using advanced 128 bit AES. It is easy to hide photos from the default gallery app and optimized for tablet. To access these hided pictures, just enter a secret PIN code, but very slow at opening.

Google Play Store crashing on Nexus 7

I had used Google Play store to download lots of apps and it worked great. After google play music app automatically did a updating in the market, it just constantly restarted itself, screen flashed and then kept crashing on my Nexus 7. The tablet is completely stock and haven't be rooted. How to fix the issues?

* Go to Setting 》Apps 》Google Play Music, tap "Clear data", and "Uninstall Updates".
* Go to Google Play Store app and "Clear cache". If that doesn't fix it, tap "Clear data".
* Hope an update to fix.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wifi Direct issue on Nexus 7

Wifi direct is another file sharing technology and avalible on android device. If you want to share, sync files to a device without internet connection or a hotspot, you can use Wi-Fi Direct to connect.

I have set up Wifi Direct on both Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and Nexus 7 to transfer files. When they connect and the Wifi Direct is active, S2 disconnects from my wifi router and N7 doesn't. Then I try to transfer photos from gallery on S2, they suddenly disconnect. It seems that Nexus 7 randomly turn off WiFi direct. Is that a way to fix it?

Poor wifi performance with Nexus 7

There is really poor WiFi performance on Nexus 7. It has full signal while nearing the router. However, Wifi signal drops off abruptly and then is totally gone when I take away to my bedroom where my phone has got at least 75% strength.

I notes the WiFi signal strength is definitely at least 2 bars lower than my other devices. Nexus 7 doesn't disconnect from the wifi, but keep losing access to Internet. Streaming a movie from Netflix takes a long time for buffering. Connect to my office network also has the same issue. Hope Goolge fix the firmware issue soon.

How to import epub book to Google Books

I have put some books in .epub format on my Nexus 7 tablet. I really like the smooth interface of Google books app and want to read my epub books within it. But I can't figure out how to import them to my library.

No, you can't. Google Books doesn't allows you read anything which isn't from google play store and no method to do. You just need to use a reader application, such as Aldiko or Cool Reader. Then import to the app for reading.

T4T gets full Twitter experience for Nexus 7

Taking full advantage of the sweet screen, it's convenient to view social media on a Nexus 7 tablet. Some mobile apps are  difficulty to navigate and browse, but the Twitter app T4T optimized for Tablets gives you a full Twitter experience.

T4T displays scrolling timelines of Tweets in the full large screen. Each timeline is chronological from top to bottom. The app features Mention Mode. You can view all recent tweets By swiping right and left. Within the app, it's easy tand quick to  reply, re-tweet, compose, view web links and manage followers.

Remove duplicate Calendar entries on Nexus 7

I have setup my Google account on Nexus 7 for syncing Gmail contacts and calendar over WiFi networking at home. Everything seems to work fine. But when I opened the Calendar app, there are duplicate entries that's odd and wrong. The calendar and contacts are just correct. How can I remove the duplicate?

Finally I resolve the problem. Touch the Calendar app, press the "menu" 》"more" option, and uncheck the box with my Calendar. It will delete everything and then re-check the box to sync.

How to setup Google Latitude on Nexus 7

With Google Latitude, you can share your location with friends and family and view their locations on a map. It's a feature of the Google Maps for Android.Here is a step by step on how to activate and set up Google Latitude on Nexus 7 tablet.

* Touch the Google Maps app, and go to the Map view.
* Touch the Menu and select "Join Latitude".
* Add somebody from your Google Contacts or email address. In privacy settings, change your location to automatically and enable check-in notifications.

How to add new Folder on Nexus 7 Email app

Nexus 7's default built-in email client allows you to set up Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, but it is lacking the ability to create folders anywhere. If you need to create the folder inside your email account, only way is to access your email account in a Web browser.

How to add New Folder with Yahoo Email on Nexus 7
* Touch Google Chrome app first.
Sign into Gmail, tap the "More" 》 "Create New Label, type a name and tap "Create".
Yahoo Mail
Open Yahoo Mail and sign into your account. Tap "Folders" 》"Plus" and name the folder.
Sign into Hotmail, tap the "Gear" icon 》"Add a New Folder".
* From Home screen, Touch Email app, go to "Menu" and then "Folders" to access the mail folders.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts on Nexus 7

With syncing function, it's easy to synchroniz contacts with your Google account on Nexus 7, but sometimes you may face a problem of duplicate contacts in an account. Contacts are important and you can delete them with the people app when it's only a few. For many duplicates, you need to merging two or more contacts with similar information into one.

* On your Mac or PC computer, login to contacts.google.com from browser using your Google account thst is in sync with the tablet. Create a backup of your contacts as .CSV file which is used for restore.
* Select "My Contacts" on the left side and click "Find Duplicates". Google will scan and gives you a result with which contacts need to be merged.
* Click on "merge" button to automatically merge them.

Turn Nexus 7 into a Phone with Google Voice

Nexus 7 doesn't have a SIM card slot and cell phone capabilities. If you are fantasizing about using your tablet as an oversized internet phone, the Talkatone app with a Google Voice number can help you make all your dreams to come true.

Talkatone free calls & texting is Android app that allows you to make and receive unlimited calls and text messages with your Google Voice number over WiFi, or any phone number in US or Canada. The official Google Voice only let you send text messages, but this app make it easy to answer incoming calls on  Nexus 7. If the voice quality become more clearer, that would be great for me.

How to Enter Safe Mode on Nexus 7 Jelly Bean

If the tablet acts extra whacky and the install software causes a problem and you can't figure out the cause, you need to boot into Safe Mode to fix issues for a bit. In Safe Mode, all third party applications you have installed are disable and only system apps leave behind.

How to Enter Safe Mode on Nexus 7 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
* Simply press and hold your Power button.
* When you are prompted to Power off, go to long press on "Power off" until you see the Safe Mode menu comes.
* It will ask if you want to reboot into safe mode. Touch "OK" button.

How to exit safe mode on Nexus 7

I have just received the Nexus 7 tablet 2 days ago and not even root it anymore. Somehow I got into "safe mode" and now all my downloaded apps aren't showing up. How can I get out of "safe mode"?

If your device has trouble with crash, forcing itself into Safe Mode can fix the issue. Here is how to exit safe mode on Nexus 7.

* Press the Power button to turn off the tablet and wait it for about 30 seconds..
* Pull out the battery and put the battery back in.

* Then power it back on. If the Safe Mode disappears on the left hand corner, it means that you have successfully putted your tablet in the standard mode.

How to install Adobe Flash on Nexus 7

Chrome is the default Android browser on Nexus 7, but it doesn't have Flash built in support. If you want to enable Flash, watch Amazon Prime videos or play Flash game on the tablet, try the following step by step:

How to install Adobe Flash on Nexus 7
* Install Adobe Flash Play 11.1 apk (You can download it in ATTACHED FILES from XDA Developers forum). Mkae sure check  "Install from unkown sources" off from the Setting.
* Install Firefox Beta browser from Google PLay store. This version is compatible with the device. Download Link.
* Set the default to have plugins run. Then open FireFox Beta app, touch Settings at right corner. Go to Plugins and change it from "tap to start" to "start automatically". Now your Nexus 7 is supporting Flash player.

The method isn't working with the Google Chrome, ICS+ Browser and Dolphin Browser HD.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sound Not Working partially on Nexus 7

I bought the tablet and use it for about 5 days. Yesterday the audio stopped working. It was weird that only the alarm and email notification sound worked and the media sounds didn't play. Try changing volumes at max volume and doing Factory reset, but no avail. Plugging in headphones actually produced sound. I haven't rooted the device.

Today my Nexus 7 starts working spontaneously. It plays for 5 hours, and goes out again shortly, but now the sound is completely there. Maybe it's a software issue.

Cannot wake up Nexus 7 in the dark

There is a weird problem with my Nexus 7 tablet. If I take it to the room with enough lights and push the power button, N7 will wake up automatically. And when I put my covering up the light senor and camera, I can't wake it up.

Then I turn off the lights in the room, and recreate the same problem in the dark, no matter what I do. However, after I disable the "auto-brightness" feature in the setting, Nexus 7  works like normal. I love the pretty Auto brightness, but it may cause the issue.

Are you having the exactly same problem in the dark?

Remove empty folders in Gallery app on Nexus 7

I have setup my Gmail linked to the tablet and enabled "Sync Photos" during the setup. When I open thte Gallery app on Nexus 7, there are several empty folders showing up in albums of the "My Library". I go hunting for the folders via file explorer, but can't seem to find any of them. What causes them to list there? How can I get rid of the dead weight folders?

These empty folders is your Picasa Web Album. I need to delete them on its website. From your computer, login to picasaweb.Google.com using your account, go into your albums, choose empty folder and then press the action button to delete.

Add message on Nexus 7 lock screen

The lock screen is one of the most left out item. Is there an Android app for customizing the lock screen text for maximum productivity? For example, when I lose my Nexus 7 and someone wants to return it to me, the lock screen can display  a message like "Please call xxx-xxxx if this tablet is found. Reward:$$$" , which tells people how to return to contact the owner.

Without other apps, Android 4.1 in Nexus 7 has the built-in feature. From Home screen, touch Settings, go to "Owner Info" and enter a lockscreen message. Now you get a customizable lock screen.

Audio book player for Nexus 7

I have some digital audio books that are multiple MP3 files  per book. I want to listen them on my Nexus 7. Is there a good audiobook player, that supports making bookmarks across multiple books, or automatically pause if removed the headphone?

* MortPlayer Audio Books app is free and has lots of features, such as  Auto save, Manual bookmarks, many playlist support, and pause/continue on headset removal/plug. But not allow faster playback speed at 2x.
* OverDrive Media Console allows you to download rent audio books from your local library to the device. Better than kindle.

How to Edit pdf files (highlights) on Nexus 7

I am looking for Android apps that allows you to edit a pdf file, not just read or view it. It's similar to iannotate for iPad, coming with highlights and insert comments into PDFs and  change the content.

Finally there is a awesome PDF annotator called RepliGo PDF Reader on the Google Play store. The app gives you the best way to view, annotate and fill out PDF forms on your Nexus 7. It include many useful features, such as add highlights, adjust colors, cross outs, underlines, sticky notes, arrows, lines, ovals and rectangles. Better than Adobe's. Only issue is no a auto-save function.

AndFTP your FTP client for Nexus 7

The tablet is becoming more important and allows users to do the same things on desktop computer. AndFTP app is a fully functional FTP/SFTP client for Nexus 7. It allows you to connect to any FTP server and support SSH RSA/DSA keys.

AndFTP is simple, lightweight and fast, without bloated features. Easy to set up an FTP server's settings, config upload/download directory and change ports. Once connected to an FTP server, you can open, rename, delete, update permissions for files on your Nexus 7 tablet. However, there is no way to view local and server files in one screen and you have to edit file after downloading.

List of compatible devices for Nexus Q

When you have got a Nexus Q and want to operate it, you should use it with Android phones and tablets that supports Android 2.3.3 or higher and OpenGL ES 2.0.

Here is a list of compatible devices for Nexus Q
* Google Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy Nexus phone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.
* Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy tab running Android 3.2 Honeycomb or higher.
* Nexus S phone running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread at least.

On these devices, you also need to download Nexus Q app from Google PLay store and install it.

Connect nexus 7 to HDTV

I am wondering that how to connect my nexus 7 to Google TV, so I can play media wirelessly with the Logitech revue. However, the N7 tablet doesn't have HDMI port out. It's no way to hook it up to a TV at all.

If you want to wirelessly stream the Android Media from nexus 7 to an HDTV, go to purchase "AirSync by doubleTwist" from Google Play and use it for that. With the app, you can play the transformers movie on N7 to HDTV or Apple TV over Wi-Fi. It also supports streaming video, music and photo to Xbox, PlayStation 3 and Sonos devices.

Youtube slow to load issue on Nexus 7

I try watching a youtube video on my Nexus 7 and it is buffering slowly on wifi network. When I tap the Play button in Youtube app, it takes about 3 to 5 minutes to load or even  times out and won't load. Sometimes it start playing and then  freeze in the middle of the video. It's really frusterating. But if I switch to my Macbook, it streams the same video super fast.

How to fix Youtube slow issues on Nexus 7
* YouTube is an highly intensive data usage app. Make your your tablet has a strong WiFi network connection.
* Go to Settings 》 Applications, scroll to YouTube, tap it and then "CLear data" and "Clear cache".
* Try other trick to fix. Turning airplane mode on and off refreshes your tablet address information.

Links: Fix Lag when watching Online Videos on nexus 7

Google calendar fail to sync on Nexus 7

I have setup my google account to sync Google calendar on Nexus 7. It works correctly for two day and then failes to sync. My three defined calendars are lost and now only an empty calendar. Trying having manual syncing and clearing app data and cache to reset sync, finally not working. But Google Calendar syncs correctly on my GSIII phone and works fine.

Today I notes that I have installed Quick calendar on Nexus 7. The app is interacting with Google calendar. After uninstalling it, the problem is solved and all calendars come back.

Use Incognito mode in Chrome browser in Nexus 7

Chrome app brings the Incognito mode capability to Nexus 7 tablet, as using the Chrome desktop version. Incognito mode makes anything you do to be not tracked when you want to browse in private.

How to enable Incognito in Chrome and manage multiple Incognito tabs
* Touch Chrome app from Home screen.
* Tap on the Menu icon on any screen, select "New Incognito tab" from the options. A blank Incognito session will open.
*To open an additional Incognito tab, tap "tab" icon. To close  tabs, swipe the individual tab to the left. To get back to a normal browsing, swipe from left to right.

Best Android Web Browsers for Nexus 7

There are a lot of web browsers for Android available in the Google Play Store. They comes with different features: speedy browsing, syncing things with other device, flash navigation or Do Not Track. Here is the best Android web browsers for Nexus 7 tablet.

* Firefox for Android fully supports Firefox Sync with your desktop. It runs fast and supports add-ons and Personas. With  Awesome Page, you can get back all your recently visited tabs.
* Chrome is the standard browser on Nexus 7. Easily drag your thumb from the edges of the screen to quickly change tabs. It  simplifies application-level settings, supports incognito Mode browsing, pinch to zoom, and tabs syncing.
* Opera Mobile/Mini allows you to sync your bookmarks, speed dial, and other preferences with your desktop version of Opera. It compresses web data in the background and the speed is faster than others.
* Dolphin Browser HD/Mini supports third-party plug-ins, it beings built-in speech-to-text and on-screen gestures.

How to setup XBMC Android Remote on Nexus 7

XBMC has released an official XBMC Remote app for Android. XBMC is desktop client allows you to control movies, music, photos, and TV episode from Windows, Mac or Linux in a interface. With the official XBMC Remote app, it's easy to browse your library and control playback.

How to setup and use XBMC Android Remote on Nexus 7 to control music, movies, and photos from your computer 
* Download the latest version of XBMC and install on your computer. Launch XBMC and go to Settings 》 Networks to set it up. Make sure enable those features: Allow control of XBMC via UPnP and HTTP, set Port as "80" and enter a username & password, Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC.
* Then find out your internal IP address. On your computer, enter "ipconfig" in the Command console to get it.
* Download the Official XBMC Remote on your Nexus 7 tablet. Open Remote app, enter the IP address, port, username, password for XBMC desktop client. Then the media will liste on the tablet. If some media files aren't recognized, touch the Folder icon into File Mode.

How to Free Up Space on Nexus 7 Internal Storage

If you are unable to install the apps and games on Nexus 7, your tablet simply might has inadequate amounts of internal storage. Some apps, like widgets, live wallpapers may not function properly, do take up space on the internal memory. Here is the tutorial on how to Free Up Nexus 7's space.

* Clear the Cache of Large Apps
Go to Settings 》 Applications, select app to check if it has a cache, and simply press the Clear cache button to clear a cache.
There are a couple of apps with a cache of several MB, such as  Goolge Maps, Play Store, Chrome and Gallery app.
* Remove Apps You Never or Rarely Use
it is naturally a good idea to find out the apps you seldom use, and uninstall them.
* Move Everything that can be moved
If the tablet store media content, such as movie videos, music files and ebooks, move them to your computer.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to view offline files in Google Drive on Nexus 7

Google Drive is a great cloud storeage service, like Dropbox. With Google Drive Android app, you are able to view files offline or cached files on your Nexus 7 tablet without any internet. However, it currently doesn't support "offline editing".

Setup Google Drive Offine Viewing
* First of all, open and login to your Google Drive app.
* In your Drive list, open an item's preview pane, tap the "Menu" button and then touch "Make available offline" in the drop-down menu.
* You can also touch and hold the file to do that.

Access and update offline cached files
* Whne there is no internet connectivity on your Nexus 7, open the app and touch "Offline" on its landing page.
* If you want to update your offline files while the tablet connects to network, touch "Update" button, open the items and touch "Refresh"

How to change default application on Nexus 7

I am an tablet starter, as I just got the Nexus 7 yesterday. While trying to read a pdf file, I inadvertently made Kindle app as my default pdf reader, instead of the PDF viewer. Now I need to reset this, but can't figure out how to change default application again in Android 4.1.

* On your Nexus7, go to Settings 》 Applications. You can see a list of applications thst have been installed on your device.
* Find the app that has the default set and tap on it.
* Then find the section Launch by default at the bottom of that view. Touch on the "Clear defaults".

How to backup apps as .APK file on Nexus 7

It's important to backup Android apps on your Nexus 7 tablet and that doesn't require rooting the device. Sometime you may backup it in case not available on Google Play store, or  directly send your installed games to your friends. Here is the step by step instructions:

* Go to your Goolge Play, search for and install one of the following app on your Nexus 7.
* ASTRO file manager. Open the app, touch menu and select Application Manager/Backup. Choose the apps and backup them. I think it creates the respective apk file in backup folder.
* File Expert. Open the app, tap "App" tab and select the apps. Then touch the "Backup" button at the bottom left. It saves all the APK files of the apps in the "backup_apps" folder.

How to sync Picasa on your nexus 7

Picasa Web is a Cloud application that allows you to store and  retrieve the pictures. It offers 1GB storage limit and supports photos under 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes. If you want to view, upload, share picture and videos on your nexus 7, try the following step by step:

How to sync Picasa Web Album on your nexus 7
* Reach sync settings for the account first. Go to  Settings 》 Accounts 》 Google.
* Add your Google account that are using the Picasa. In the synchronization configure options, search for "Sync Picasa Web Album" and make a check on the checkbox to enable it.
* Once the process of synchronization complete, all your images are available in "GALLERY" Folder within the Gallery app.

Screen protector touch issues with Nexus 7

After adding Shadowgun screen protector on my Nexus 7, I start experiencing touch issues. Now it's not registering lots of my touches. In FPS game or 3rd person shooters, the character  randomly spin 180 or no response while I am controling it.  using a bit of rubbing alcohol on the screen, but no effect. How to fix the touch issues on Nexus 7 tablet?

* The cheap screen protectors may cause the issues. You'd better get a better one, such as Targus, Zagg, or Wrapsol. These accessories have good quality and works fine.
* If your touches is still not registering, you need to clean any grease or fingerprints off the screen. Because they reduce the sensitivity .

Set Volume Buttons to Turn Pages on Kindle for Nexus 7

The e-Reader app Kindle brings a lot of books from Google Play store to your Nexus 7 tablet. With a Kindle account, it's easy to sync and read books with Amazon Kindle Fire.

There is volume button on the sides of your Nexus 7. Kindle app allows you to use the volume button on the sides to turn between pages while reading books. Here is the tutorial on how to set this on the Kindle app.

* Touch Kindle app from the App drawer.
* Press the menu/options button, choose "More" option and then   "Settings".
* In the account settings and device setting screen, tick on Volume Button checkbox to enable it.

How to Install Paid Apps on Nexus 7 without Repurchase

Many people have already started using multiple Android Devices, like a phone and a Nexus 7 tablet. If you have bought the Android applications on the phone, you might not repurchase copies of them on the tablet. Here is the tutorial on how to install paid Applications on Nexus 7.

* First setup the Google Account credentials in tablet. You will have to go to the Settings, and tap on "Accounts" and then choose "Add account". Tap "Google" to set up your Google Account that's used to purchase apps there.
* Once your account have been added, open the Google Play store app. Tap on the Menu 》 Accounts, and choose the appropriate Google Account.
* Tap on the Menu, go to "My Apps" section. You will see all purchased applications. If the app shows "Not Installed", tap it to transfer to your Nexus 7.

USB Driver not installing on Windows 7

My Nexus 7 is runing Android 4.1.1 JRO03D. When I plug it into my PC computer (Windows 7 32bit), it fails to install the drivers and I can't unlock the bootloader. I have checked the Asus website and can't find any driver that works for the Nexus 7.

If USB Debugging is set to enable on your tablet, it prevents you from installing the drivers on your computer. The drivers only works with the device NOT in USB Debug mode. When you  turn it off, the drivers will install instantly and everything cooperates with the computer.

Nexus 7 OS factory image download link

Google has uploaded and released the Nexus 7's factory image of Jelly Bean to the Android Developers website for all to use. This flashable stock images can help Android developers and  enthusiasts to get a fresh installtion if your tablet becomes bricking.

The package of Factory Images "nakasi" for Nexus 7 is about 246MB. It's an important step and help you without fear of bricking the device. With it and a version of Clockworkmod recovery for Asus, you may be able to custom ROMs and do other tweaks with the tablet. Here is the download link.

Nexus 7 Stuck on Google logo boot screen

Today I get a problem with Nexus 7. I has unlocked the bootloader and flashed a custom recovery. The tablet boots up, gets into the bootloader and stucks at the Google Logo with the lock symbol. There is a white Google logo on black background. Now I can't do anything with the tablet. Will it become bricked? How to fix the issues?

Try holding volume down + power for 10 seconds. The device should be powered off. Then hold both vol up + down down and power up and HOLD. Hope the tip could solve the problem.

If Nexus 7 is still frozen in Bootloader Mode, Download the system Factory Images for Nexus Devices and flash the images via terminal or cmd prompt.

App download issues in Google PLay on Nexus 7

Yesterday I got my Nexus 7 in my office and opened Google Play app to get all of the apps that I need to use. I tried to download twitter but it just stopped downlaoding at 13%. The same issue with skype and facebook app.

Then I rebooted the tablet and every app still stuck at 13%. Cancel and restart the download, but not working. Today I take Nexus 7 to home. After connetcing it to my WiFi network, the apps download successful and they works perfectly. I think that  the internet connection signal in office is much poor or the firewalls block access to ports required for Google Play.

Connect Nexus 7 to Linux via MTP using USB

Android 4.1 use the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and Linux doesn't natively support MTP. Something it doesn't work well with Linux/Ubuntu. When I connect my Nexus 7 to a Server running Linux using USB, none USB device appears and I have to mount it via MTP for accessing the file system.

How to Connect Nexus 7 to Linux
Open the terminal window and type the commands to setup.
* First install the necessary tools:
  sudo apt-get install mtp-tools mtpfs
* Set up a UDEV rule
  gksu gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules
* Type this text in it. Make sure all are in a single line:
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="04e8", ATTR{idProduct}=="6860", MODE="0666", OWNER="your-username-in-the-linux"
* Set up a mount point
  sudo service udev restart
  sudo mkdir /media/Nexus7
  sudo chmod a+rwx /media/Nexus7
* Plug your Nexus 7  in and select MTP on the tablet, then enter:
  sudo mtpfs -o allow_other /media/Nexus7
* Now You can browse your Android phone contents or add/remove/modify files using Nautilus. When you need To unmount, try this:
  sudo umount mtpfs

How to Stream Videos/Music from PC/Mac to nexus 7

I have about 350 movies (.mkv format) on my PC computer and my nexus 7 has no enough spaces to transfer and store them there. I would like to stream videos from my computer to nexus 7 tablet. Is there free apps for that?

* Gmote 2.0 turns your tablet into a remote control for your computer, even support Linux. It streams music, AVI/MP4 video via a wireless connection. Also an aid for control PowerPoint and acts as a touchpad over WiFi.
* VLC Direct streams your media content (avi, flv, mp4, mov, mp3, mkv,) over to your tablet wirelessly. It requires VLC Media Player instlled on your PC.
* Emit Free app allows you to directly stream videos live from your PC/Mac/Linux to nexus 7 using local Wi-Fi network, even support HTTP Live streaming.

How to remove music from Google PLay on Nexus 7

Google is intruding in my Google Play music library and put some crap free music on my account. Everytime I choose shuffle on my Nexus 7 tablet, them will play and make me feel badly. How can I remove unwanted songs on Nexus 7?

All are stored in the cloud. If you need to delete music from your online Google Play music library, you must do that on your computer.

* Go to play.google.com/music from the browser to access the Google Play web player.
* In your library, select the album/song you want to delete, click "More" in the upper righthand corner and choose "Delete". You also hold down "Command" key in Mac or "Ctrl" key in Windows to select multiple songs to delete. Once you've done, that will make changes on your Nexus 7 tablet.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nexus 7 headphone jack not working

There is a headphone problem with my Nexus 7 tablet. When I want to listen to Google Play Music, it's really hard to put it down and no sound. My headphone has that extra band on the 3.5mm pug" and a buit-in mic. I push item further and then only hear a little playing sound. But the internal speaker works just fine.

Then I try using Sony ear headphones with no mic. Still no sound. I have read about that if the Headphone jacks not working, dust or lint in the headphone jack will cause that. However, my Nexus 7 is just a Brand new one. Is there any way to fix the issue?

How to remove google account from Nexus 7

I have just purchased and got a new Nexus 7 tablet and my wife take it to use. She used her Google account to log in to read mails and download some apps from Google PLay. Now I need to change and remove google account from my Nexus 7. I can't find a way to add my account. How can I do that?

* You can go to Settings 》 Accounts 》 Add account. Setup your own account and delete the superfluous one.
* To remove a Google account, Touch Settings 》 Accounts 》Google, then tap Menu 》Remove account.
* If it is the only google account on the tablet, the only way is a factory data reset/wipe.

How to configure Exchange ActiveSync on Nexus 7

The latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has built in support for Exchange mail. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync isan optional add-on in SmarterMail. If you want to connect your Nexus 7 to SmarterMail via Exchange Activesync perform, try the following step by step:

Setup Exchange Activesync on on Nexus 7
* On your tablet, go to Settings > Accounts
* Navigate to Add Account. Select Corporate.
* Enter your full email address and password and select next.
* In the Domain\Username field, type in the format like ***@thedomain.com
* For Exchange Server, enter the URL of your webmail like ***.com.
* If you are using SSL, check "Use Secure Connection (SSL)".
* Select Next and configure data to synchronize.
* Next again, configure your name, and then Done.

How to Add a Website Shortcut to Nexus 7 Home Screen

Are you looking for a way to quickly access a web site or page  on your Nexus 7? With Chrome for Android updated, you can add a website shortcut on the Home screen for taking you directly to the page.

* Open the Google Chrome app. Go to view your bookmarks.
* Pick the bookmark you want to add, and long-press on the icon.
* It will pop up a menu with some options. Select "Add to home screen" option. Now you can find it on the Home screen.

Add widgets to your nexus 7 notification bar

There are all sorts of info on the Android's notification bar. With Notification Toggle, it's easy to add app shortcuts and widget for customing Android notification bar on your nexus 7 tablet.

Create and set up your new custom notification bar on nexus 7
* When first open the Notification Toggle app, "Single Notifications" section gives you a list of all the widgets to activate: WiFi, Bluetooth, Sound/Vibration, Brihtness dialog, Rotation and Flight mode. Check on it to enable the display in the bar. Then have quick and easy access to use individual functions in the notification area.
* You can also create an "all-in-one" widget. Then access a series of app shortcuts in a single line on the Android notification bar.
* There are a few other apps with similar functionality. Just search from Google Play Store.

Stitcher Radio app for Nexus 7

Stitcher Radio - News & Talk is a podcast player that lets you listen radio shows, live stations, and podcasts with Nexus 7's built-in speakers. The app also aggregates news around the web, likes CNN, Fox, BBC, TedTalks and Radiolab, to display contents on the tablet's 7-inch display.

Stitcher Radio is simple to use and fantastic on Nexus 7. Really enjoy the vintage radio shows. But it is missing some important features: 1.5-2x fast playback and forward skip within it.

How to Sync iTunes Library with Nexus 7 Wirelessly

With Google Music, you can upload about 20,000 songs to your personal library for free and sync your iTunes library from computer to your Nexus 7 tablet, no matter it's running Mac or Windows operating system.

How to Sync iTunes Library with Nexus 7 Wirelessly
* On your computer, login to http://music.google.com/ with your Google account. Click "Upload Music" button and then "Download Music Manager".
* After the  download and installation is complete, launch Music Manager. In configuration screen, sign in, select iTunes to keep your music collection, and then upload all songs and playlists to Google Music.
* After your entire iTunes music library has been imported into Google Play, the music automatically becomes available on Nexus 7.

Nexus 7 screen flickering problem

When I am browsing website using Google chrome on my Nexus 7, I am experiencing the screen flickers. The screen goes mental and is constantly blinking. Although doesn't make me crazy, it is definitely distracting. Then I have to get out of the app. This strangely only happen with chrome except for any other apps. After tried changing brightness settings and restarting the tablet, it's no change.

This is a known software problem with Nexus 7 screen. Turning off automatic brightness may solve it. Hopefully the next update will fix this issue.

Nexus 7 won't connect to WiFi with home router

Today I pick up my Nexus 7 tablet and can not connect to my WiFi network. The WiFi on router is fine at home and all computers and iPad wor as it does. The tablet is able to see the network and says "Connecting", then "Obtaining IP Address" and "Scanning" but not connect. The first time I could use it to access internet. Then I reboot the router and got a little bit connection.

How to Fix Android Wi-Fi Connection issues on Nexus 7
* Turn off your tablet and reinsert battery and try it again.
* Try forgetting the network and then connect again.
* If you use security on Wi-Fi router, remove it. You may need to change the channel in your wireless router or access point.

Unfortunately NFC service has stopped on Nexus 7

I am very excited to get my new Nexus 7 tablet. After turn it on and set up everything, finally the welcome sceen pops up a error message "Unfortunately, NFC Service has stopped". I touch "OK" button, but the error keeps coming again and no way for me to input my WiFi password.

I have tried a hard reset but not working. The process go slowly and stuck on a Google screen. Then I power it down and turn it back on after a minute. Tap the big white arrow to get it to go away. Then I get "Wow.. ummm....thats a new one...." on the screen and hasn't seen the error message since.

That sounds like a hardware issue with Nexus 7. If you still can't fix the iuuses, you should look to return it and get a new one.