Sunday, December 23, 2012

USBFever 3-in-1 Magnetic/Detachable Lens for Nexus 4 camera

If you are a mobile photographer, carrying a bag of camera equipment is impossible. To take more beautiful photos with your android phone, a camera Lenses is must-have accessory for LG Nexus 4. It can bring up the utmost optical perfection and each set is removable.

USBFever 3-in-1 Magnetic / Detachable system is a lens solution for your phone. The lens, making of top-grade aluminum and high-class glass, provides a 180-degree view and 0.68X wide angle shots. When you need to use it, just attaching lens to your device without losing flash light.

USBFever Lens includes Regular Rings for Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone 4s. Now buy it from Amazon and capture shockingly high quality photos.

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