Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unable to delete home screen on Nexus 4

My Nexus 4 (AT&T) phone cames with multiple home screens to choose from and move between . Most of them have with apps and folders. There are three home screens that I don't use, so I want to remove blank or unnecessary pages. However, when I select menu button, I couldn't find any option to edit and delete as usually. How can I solve the problem?

* You can not modify or delete the home screens on stock Android 4.2.1. Google have decided five screens. There is no way to change the stock without modification or other additional software.
* To get how many screens you want to have, installing a launcher like Apex, nova from Google Play store should fix the issues. I have used GO Lancher for two weeks and it pinches the feature. Very happy with the app.

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