Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nyko Playpad Bluetooth Controllers for Nexus 10

Android tablets like Samsung Nexus 10 inch with 2560 X 1600 resolution is very good for playing games, but many games need the joysticks on the screen to control movement and do others. Don't worry. Nyko's PlayPad and PlayPad Pro Bluetooth controllers can prop your tablet up and let you have a console-like experience.
This travel sized wireless Bluetooth controller uses the layout as xbox 360, especially the pro, and has all the buttons you really need. It is compatible with almost devices and has optimized the HID (human interface device) mechanic and optimized for Tegra 3. When I input from the controller, the Playpad could respond quickly.

It also brings up some great features, such as Keyboard Mapping, Mouse emulation and Touch Event Mapping. The Battery life is about 30 hours. However, the accessory seems to have some issues. It pairs successfully with my N10, but doesn't connect after Android 4.2.1 system update. Now it is available in black and white models on Amazon.

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