Friday, December 28, 2012

Nexus 4 stuck on edge and 3G not working

Today when I attempt to use my LG nexus 4 phone under t-mobile, the 3G/4G is not working and it stucks on Edge. I also can't find a way to get it back to regular hspa+. Try restarting the android devive and re-inserting the SIM card but it just lose the network data.

If it stays on edge or you have slower speeds, your apn or data settings may be changed probably. Here is step by step to fix the issues.
* Go to Setting > Wireless and networks > Mobile Networks, change the Network Mode to GSM/WCDMA (Auto Mode).
* Call tmobile to refresh the signal and get help.
* Use Dialer code *#4636# to put the phone to wcdma only.

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