Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nexus 4 headphone jack not working issues

When I plug in headphone into the headphone jack on my new LG nexus 4, the icon appears on my phone but I can't hear anything except  fizzle sound. If I take it out, the speakers will come out noise while I am playing some type of audio. Try the set in some other device and it is working. Then I use different headphones from cheap to expensive and each of them doesn't snugly into the Nexus 4 and I still lost the sound. Should I have a replacement or how can I fix the flakey headphone jack issues?

A couple of users complain about popping and cracking with headphones. It is no an issue, you need to fit tightly with a little more effort. For new device, I always push a little harder at first  so that it could click into place and have good solid connection.

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