Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nexus 4 GPS lock location slowly issues

I have got the GPS problems on my LG nexus 4 phone. When I use GPS Status in Maps, it often locks in on my location with a long time. Showing 3/20 satellites after 10 seconds, and loading 12 per 20 after 45 seconds, then it is solid. Trying FasterGPS app doesn't fix the issues. However, other devices like my HTC One X 16G and iPhone 4s lock location accurately and quickly with no problem. Is there a software or hardware issues?

To solve the GPS issues on android phone, you could try doing a factory reset. Note: This will erase all your data.
* Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power key combinations to boot the device into recovery mode, and then release them if Android lying photo shows up.
* You will see a lot of options. Select "Recovery mode" from the lists by pressing Volume Up/Down. To confirm that, press the Power button.
* Select "wipe data / factory reset" > "Yes–erase all user data". Once the processing has finished, it should lock within 10 seconds and faster than before.

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