Friday, December 28, 2012

How to fix water-damaged Nexus 4 phone

Many smartphone owners have suffered the dropped phone in water syndrome yet. Today my Nexus 4 fell into the sink real quick while I am using it at home. How can I dry out and repair the water-damaged device with lower speaker/mic issues?

Water damage is not covered by any warranty. If liquid like coffee damaged the the android N4 phone, here is temporary workaround for fixing it. Note: That are no guarantees for everyone, but you need a try.

* First take it out of the water immediately and power it down.
* Remove the SIM card and use a towel to dry it off including the inside of the handset.
* Fill a Ziploc bag with uncooked white rice and put it into the rice and cover it up for a day or two. Then see if it powers on. If not working, you need to replace new one.

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