Monday, December 24, 2012

Connect Nexus4 phone to HDTV/monitor/projector with Slimport

Are you looking for accessories that support for tethered display sharing. Slimport to HDMI adapter, made of DisplayPort-based standard, allows you to connect from the Nexus 4's micro-USB port to an HDMI TV, monitor, or projector.

Miracast feature streams the device's display to a compatible HDTV over wifi and you always need to troubleshoot the configure. However, Slimport to HDMI adapter (SP1002) bring up multi-screen productivity without any setup. You just need to plug in the adapter and connect with the cable, then audio and video, even 3D content, will  output onto HDTV or projector.

It is great to use SP1002 to watch video or play a game. I have test 1080P movie and everything works fine without lag. It also let you charge the phone at the same time.

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