Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to Share apps with multiple users on Android 4.2

The significant feature in Android 4.2 is the ability to create multiple user accounts on a single tablet like Google nexus 10/7. However, after creating a new account, you have to get multiple copies of each app. Has anyone figured out how to share apps with multiple users on the same tablet without rooted?

How to Share paid apps with other users on Android 4.2 device
* Tap Setting > Users > ADD USER, and follow the Android prompt to create a new user as usual. After the process is completed, verify everything is ok for that.
* Without switching to the main/admin account, go to the Settings of new user to create a new account. Now use your Google account for buying paid apps from Google Play store, un-select ALL syncing stuff.
* Tap Settings > Applications, deactivate the apps you don't want to share to the new user, such as Calendar, G+ app. Now open Google Play app and select your main account that need to  setup purchase apps using a PIN. Then all apps are installed with the new one.

During the process, you need to reboot the tablet, then maybe run slow and become unresponsive.

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