Friday, November 16, 2012

Backup Nexus 10 to computer or laptop

I have got the Samsung Nexus 10 16GB Model. I want to completely backup all settings of the tablet and all installed apps to some tar.gz file and put it on my desktop computer or laptop, explicitly not to backup my stuff in cloud. Maybe inside with the Google Play Links for downloading. So I am able to restore it anywhere? How can I do that?

Backuping Android device really requires installing SDK and rooting your device.
* After rooting your Nexus 10, download "titanium backup" from Google play store. Use the app to create a TitaniumBackup zip file with everything you have on your device, and then copy it onto your PC or laptop hard drive.
* With rom manager, it is easy to back up the rom and press flash clock work mod recovery.

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