Monday, October 15, 2012

Youtube video stops streaming when screen locked

I have got an annoying problem with the tablet 4.1.2 update. When I watch Youtube or other streaming video on Nexus 7, I often pause the video and let it buffer. If I lock up the screen, it will cancel the stream processing and stop working. I have to remove the screen lock and keep touching. It starts to buffer again from starting and then become complete. But there isn't any battery saving app. Is there a way to fix the issues?

This is a common problem on Android devices. You could go to Setting and increase the timeout period to 5 minutes. However, a "KeepScreen" app seems to be a better solution.

KeepScreen blocks screen timeout with the selected apps are actived. Very usefull for reading, browsing, or guide with Google maps. It also works great for streaming content while playing.

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