Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Internet video conference with Cisco WebEx meetings

To enhance online team collaboration, Cisco WebEx web conferencing service can help you host any business meeting online with interactive and highly effective. It brings up the solutions for online meetings, remote support and generous tablet and mobile apps (including Android nexus 7, iPad, iPhone, blackberry phone/Playbook and samsung galaxy note).

Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android offers a way to join, start or schedule meetings on the tablet with HD video and great quality audio. This is similar to Skype and Facetime calling.

With the Version updated, now you are able to have 2-way video on the N7. I set up a session on my company's Webex and then join it. Everything operates flawlessly. The attending meetings are much easier on the go. Only complaint is that there  is a little stuttery with the streaming video.

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