Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GOgroove SonaWAVE Portable Stereo Speaker System

While I listen music on my Nexus 7, the built-in speaker is mono and not loud enough, and the headphones is good but I don't want to always wear them. Today I get a great little product from Amazon - GOgroove SonaWAVE Portable Stereo Speaker System by Accessory Power.

The Portable Stereo Speaker System has a cube styling with blue accents and back-lit LED glow. Its compact size let you easily carry on the go or just relax outside. I often strap it onto my bike's rear rack. The sound is room-filling stereophonic and the volume control supports play/pause/skip/previous. I have tried playing music from N7 and a flash drive. Everything works fine with awesome effect.

The accessory is extremely versatile, working with smartphones, tablets, MP3/DVD Players, Laptops and game consoles. There is three audio inputs: 3.5 mm stereo, mini sd card and USB flash drive. Another awesome feature is to charge battery via USB or AC adapter.

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