Friday, October 12, 2012

Enable Firefox reader mode on Android

With the version 16 update, Firefox for Android bring up  Reader Mode feature that is similar to Safari's new 'Reader' and Kindle Fire's Reading View. Wihle you are browsing some web-sites with distractions, Reader Mode could let you focus on the content of the article which you are actually wanting to read. This works very well on nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

How to enable Reader Mode in Firefox on Android tablet or phone
* Loading the Web page in browser, and tapping on the book icon next to the URL at the top. The processing is very simple.
* The mode basically leave out flashing advertisements,links, polls, menus, and other sidebar elements. Now you are able to focus on the content.
* If you want to save the article to your reading list, change the font size, or turn the theme from black on white, tapping on one of the icons at the bottom.

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