Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stylus Optimized Handwriting on nexus 7

A stylus pen is working for taking notes and I have my nexus 7 for it. Surely the larger screen is better for writing. If you want to get stylus optimized handwriting, you need some Android apps.
Writepad Stylus is great keyboard app that lets you capture your handwriting using either a stylus with a soft rubber tip or your finger and turns your scribble into normal text. It features auto-scroll, custom pen color/size/transparency, flip view, and export page. The app works on any text on the Android system, because it installs itself as an input method.

Writepad has a silky smooth writing experience on my N7  tablet. Simple and effective for taking notes. When combined with a decent stylus, this is a useful app for science and math classes.

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