Thursday, September 13, 2012

RND Power Solutions Deluxe Cradle/Desktop Docking Station for Nexus 7

I have been looking on Ebay and Amazon for a docking station that works with my Nexus 7. I want a charging dock and also use it as my bedside alarm clock. Finally this one called RND Power Solutions Deluxe Cradle / Desktop Docking Station for Google Nexus 7 Tablet worked for me.
* RND shipped the package quickly. This is a nice and high quality docking station. Generous accessories include the base that is sturdy and solid, a AC adapter, charging cord, and a separate sync cable.
* Fit the Nexus 7 snugly and perfectly, but it seems to not work within my hard plastic case. So I have to remove the case to charge the tablet.
* It charges faster and comes with Power Protection Circuit.
* Easily holding your N7 at a comfortable angle for reading ebook or watching movie.
* Excellent product with excellent price.
* Hope I can fold the docking station and place it in my bag.

Highly recommend RND Power Solutions seller.

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