Monday, September 24, 2012

Physical Joystick Controller For Nexus 7 games

All kinds of Android games use virtual joysticks. With a thumb-stick style game controller, you can use it with just any game using joystick. Just pressing them down to apply it.

* Joystick Kit & Game Controller for Google Nexus 7 by SecondShells
The Kit comes with one Joystick, two Additional Suction Cup Controllers. They are transparent and easy to attach and remove. The accessory offers maximum control for precision maneuvers and lets you focus on playing.

* Touchscreen Gaming Joystick Controller For Google Nexus 7 Tablet, By DURAGADGET
Two suction pads is lightweight with coiled design that features auto-centre. Securely attach the Joystick, easily remove and repositioned without residue. Working for CubedRR HD, Pac Man, Reckless Racing HD, Monster Dash, Vector Racing and more.

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