Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nexus7 battery life drain issue on sleep mode

I recieved my Nexus 7 yesterday and the battery would drain fast if I put the the table into sleep mode. I powered it up and drained to 0% completley and then charged it fully with the screen at 100%. Then I used it for 30 minutes and shut the screen down and disabled Bluetooth network. I noted that the battery dropped back to 20% and was completely dead within 12 hours. But battery life of my Kindle Fire has more than 24 hours in sleep mode.

How to fix the battery life issues
* There might be some android apps running in the background for syncing or keeping the GPS radio. You need to turn off the option within the related apps.
* If you want to shut Screen Off, go to Seeting and set your N7's wifi policy to "OFF".

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