Monday, September 24, 2012

Koi Free Live Wallpaper for nexus 7

On Windows computer, Dream Aquarium screensaver offers users an opportunity to see the ultra-realistic vitual fish tank in aquarium. With OpenGL 2.0 supported on Android jelly bean, you can also have the same experience on your nexus 7.
Koi Free Live Wallpaper gives you colorful fish in fully interactive water, supported multitouch and used in both portrait and landscape modes. To apply it, tap Settting > Device > Display, and go to Wallpaper.

The fish are a little cartoonish but look beautiful. While they are swimming, Double-tap to get fish food appear and they come quickly over and start to feed. The background is pretty with the water. Tap  lightly could make waves in the water. Everything is realistic and dynamic. Now I use it daily. But the free version doesn't allows you to custom backgrounds.

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