Sunday, September 16, 2012

Juiced Systems 5 in 1 Adapter for Nexus 7

Nexus 7 has limited ports. To get MHL, SD, Micro SD, and USB Hosting support, you have to buy many accessories. The Juiced Systems 5 in 1 MHL Adapter can solve the problems and make your adapter and cable clutter to be a minimum. This accessory comes with all of these different ports in one. It is compact and small for taking on travel.
Juiced Systems 5 in 1 MHL Adapter supports HDD FAT/FAT32 in 1st partition and smart switch between MHL and Host Mode. To make the product working, note that you must root your tablet first.
* I mount a external microSD card and my USB thumb drive using stickmount app. Accessing the contents on ES File Explorer works with no issues.
* Connecting to basic USB keyboard and mouse both worked fine.
* Nexus 7 doesn't support MHL, so HDMI connector with an HDMI cable is not working. But this is not the fault of the adapter.

If you want to unlock some more functionality, Juiced Adapter is definitely a must-have accessory.

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