Monday, September 10, 2012

How to sync Notes with Gmail on nexus 7

Just as iPad's Notes app syncs with GMail. Is there an Android app with same functionality. There are many note-taking apps on Google Play Store but I need one that could creat thse note on my nexus 7 and then automatically sends/emails the contents of the note to my own gmail account.

GNotes is one of the best note taking android apps for synchronize with GMail or Google App Mail between your tablet/mobile devices. With the app, you can create notes, handwriting and to-do/shopping lists, capture photos and record voice memos. It also allows you to lock your notes data with set up a pattern or pin to  prevent others viewing.

The syncing of GNotes works perfectly on nexus 7. The input methods are flexible and voice dictation works pretty. Awesome note on multiple devices like computer, tablet and phone.

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