Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to remote control Canon DSLR from Nexus 7

For some Camera photographers, you are not only to view photos on Android Tablet, but also fully control yoru Canon DSLR from Nexus 7 or Xoom. With usb controller and a Android app, it is easy to use the tablet as a video monitor using a intuitive touch interface.

How to remote control Canon DSLR from Nexus 7
* DSLR Controller (BETA) by Chainfire is excellent app which let you control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Nexus 7 device with only a USB cable. It is easy to use and straightforward, even required no rooted and no computer or laptop.
* DSLR Controller features Live View, Auto Focus, Auto-Lighting,  Bulb/Continuous capture, Picture Style, Color Temperature, Metering Mode and etc.
* I have use control my EOS 600D and Canon 7D hooked up to my Nexus 7 to do timelapse. Works flawlessly without crashing. It is more powerful than the Canon EOS utility.

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