Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to enable 3G connectivity on Nexus 7 WiFi only

The Nexus 7 WiFi only model lacks 3G/4G data connection compatibility, but the iPad does features that if you spend extra money purchasing. When you are outside, in car or on the place without WiFi hotspot and really need to check something online, in my use there is very inconvenient. However, if you have a 3G broadband USB modem, it is actually easy to enable 3G connectivity on Nexus 7.

* The things what you need: 3G broadband USB modem stick like Huawei GSM/UMTS Stick and O2 Germany or ZTE 3565-z UMTS Stick, an OTG cable that you could buy from Amazon.
* You have to root your tablet first, and download and insatll PPP Widget by Josua Dietze from Google Play store. This usb_modeswitch tool enables fully Internet access over almost any USB device.
* Connect the 3G dongle with OTG cable and the tablet. Open the PPP Widget, tap configure button and type your user name and password. Once you've done, tap Connect button.
That works perfectly with my N7 and helps me connecting with different usb modems with different service providers.

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