Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fix This app is incompatible with your Asus Nexus 7

When I try to download and install some android apps or games from Google Play store site on my Nexus 7, one of them shows up a error message "This app is incompatible with your Asus Nexus 7." Does the app request permission or not work on Jelly Bean? How can I get the .APK file to use, such as Alaska, Barcode scan, or Delta app.

* You can download the incompatible app to your Phone and use APK Extractor to extract the .apk file to your tablet.
* To get most apps to be compatible on the device, rooting and changing Nexus 7's DPI seems to be the only option. Download "Rom Toolbox Lite" from Google Play, open it, tap performance pane and press "build.prop tweaks." Then slide the DPI toggle from 213 down to 160 setting.

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