Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fix Lag when watching Online Videos on nexus 7

I started to get the problem with watching online videos. When I streamed HD video from Youtube or HuLu app on my nexus 7 over WiFi network, it always did lag out and stutter. The video was played for about 5 minutes and it started lagging.

How to fix Lag HD Videos or Online Games issues on nexus 7
* That is caused by the QoS (Quality of Service) settings of your router. And you need to optimize the Router for Video and VoIP to get a fast internet connection.
* On your Mac or Windows computer, open the browser, type ip address of router (like or into the address bar and press Enter.
* I am using Cisco WiFi router. In the Setting, select Online and Gaming tab, click QoS, set the bandwidth management to auto. Add a device by MAC address, type the tablet's MAC address and set priority to high. Then save it. The method also works for phone and Xbox 360 with the same issues.

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