Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fix Google Maps stuck searching for GPS issues

The GPS suddenly stops working on my nexus 7. Everytime I am trying to use the latest Google maps to get directions, the navigation just says "Searching for GPS" or "Waiting for location" and stucks there. That regardless of where I am located or the address I enter. It seems that GPS is broken and can not find any signal.

How to fix Google Maps keep searching for GPS issues
* Many other Android smartphones and tablets have the same issue.
* Tap Settings > apps and select All tab. Choose Google Maps app and  uninstall all updates. Go outside and keep pointing your tablet towards the sky. Tap Settings > Location and Security, and check the box with your GPS signal to activate it. Then hold your device towards sky for about 60 seconds. The gps issues would be gone.
* If you have setup password protection, go to Settings > Location and Security > Credential Storage, check "Use secure credentials" and enter your password.

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