Friday, September 7, 2012

Best nexus 7 calculator apps

The Android OS is missing built-in calculator and makes the tablet to be odd. Thankfully, there are some calculator apps on Google Play store to pick up the slack. Some Free and some paid.

Best nexus 7 calculator apps
* Scientific Calculator by HEXFLASHOR
The app has large input and output display. Simply excellent and very convenient. Working in Jelly Bean 4.1.
It features Calculation History, Degree/Radian/Grade/Binary, Decimal/Octal/Hexadecimal operation, Complex number, Full Matrix Support and Polynomial equation.
The interface looks like an actual scientific calculator. If you need to calculate a bit more complex formulas, it does handle.

* Financial Calculators by Bishinews
The app bring up most of your finance calculation needs, such as Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Auto Loan/Lease, Credit Card Pay Off, TVM, Loan Comparison and Refinance, Compound Interest, Regular, Return on Investment (ROI) and Percentage.
It is programmed with convenient customisable displays. I use it in financial business and that is very useful and accurate to see value.

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