Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aurum Waterproof Case for Nexus 7

If you keep your Nexus 7 sand and water free at the beach and pool, the wet will damage the tablet. To experience the freedom to surf internet, read emails or play movies in Sand, Water, even left the N7 in a steamy bathroom, the highest level of waterproof case can offer dirt-proof and shock-proof protection with what you need.

Waterproof Case by Aurum (Tm) enterprises provides a stylish protective case for protecting the Nexus 7 from moisture and the elements. It comes with convenient functionality. Simply insert your tablet and close both of the yellow snaps.

This is absolutely a must-have accessory for on vacation. With using Aurum Waterproof Case, I am able to read ebook and play games while lounging in the water. It is a little big, but works perfectly.

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