Monday, September 17, 2012

anMoney Personal Finance app for nexus 7

Are you looking for a way to reduce spending and increase savings and income and manage money with your Android phone/tablet? A lot of finance apps in Google Play could help you monitor your financial account and track money while you are shopping. Is there a  excellent finance app for nexus 7?
anMoney PRO Finance is a personal finance checkbook and budget app that has the powerful function as Quicken or Microsoft Money on computer. The app features yearly/monthly/weekly/biweekly forecast, read QIF/OFX files, recurring bills with different schedules, password/PIN security, multi-currency and more. It works great on all 7-inch tablets.

anMoney is the excellent finance app and I use it to manage my personal expenses with my nexus 7 on the go. Beautiful designed, easy to use and intuitive interface. The app provides cash flow forecasts and let me split transactions and is constantly updated. If you have any questions, go to the forum and that is helpful. It is a little expensive, but definitely worth.

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