Friday, September 14, 2012

Android Keyboard Shortcuts with nexus 7

Android operating system supports keyboard shortcuts. If you have a hardware keyboard, you don't need to dig through the menus and could  save time with those keyboard shortcuts on nexus 7.

* For Typing
Menu & C: Copy text to clipboard
Menu & V: Paste text from clipboard
Menu & X: Cut the text
Alt & Trackball-Left: Move the cursor to beginning of line
Alt & Trackball-Right: Move the cursor to end of line
Alt & Del: Delete an entire line
* For mailing
Menu & U: Refresh inbox
Enter: Open an email from the inbox list
* For browsing
Menu & B: Open bookmarks
Menu & R: Refresh current page
Menu & F: Find on page
Menu & I: Zoom in
Menu & O: Zoom out
Menu & J: Go back a webpage

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