Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3D turn-based strategy game for Nexus 7

I had played "Hunters Episode One HD" on my new iPad for the past couple months. I have a poke around the Goolge Play store but couldn't found anything to my taste. Can you recommend any turn based strategy games for Android you have thoroughly enjoyed?
Great Little War Game by Rubicon Development is 3D turn-based strategy game that let you take command of your army to deploy and  battle the foe. It features Campaign/Multiplayer/Skirmish mode.

This is excellent turn-based strategy game for Nexus 7. Beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, simple controls, highly addictive and no major flaws. I have enjoyed it for hours and can't stop playing on my tablet. In each level with varied mission, you must think about every move. The only complaints is that it eats up the battery very fast.

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