Friday, August 10, 2012

Using Nexus 7 task killer app

With task killers, you can improve your Android device's performance and boost the battery life. A task killer can force other apps to quit and kill a few apps you have running in the background. I have searched the efficent and reliablet one in play store and find some apps.

Android Task Manager (SmartWho) is the best killer which supports 4.1 (Jelly bean), 4.0 (Icecream sandwich). The app works fine on my nexus 7. It features real time processing list, background/service/empty app processing, auto-end task. It also shows the useful information: used memory, battery, internal storage, CPU and device. There are also other good apps, such as Advanced Task Killer and ES Task Manager.

However, Android OS is optimized to run memory. Attempting to force apps to free up memory may make your tablet slow and also kill the battery.

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