Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Use nexus 7 Wifi Direct for high speed file transfer

The Direct Wi-Fi functionality allows WiFi devices to communicate with other for transfering files on high speed, such as 800 MB of movie within 3 minutes.

How to Transfer Files using Wi-Fi Direct on nexus 7
* You need other WiFi direct enable device and disable the existing WiFi network on boths.
* Set up first. Go to Setting and then "Wireless & networks" which is used to manage the networks. Tap on Wi-Fi section, press the tree dots, and Wi-Fi Direct should show up in the menu.
* Enter your device name and password and save it. And do similar setup on the other one.
* Then your tablet will find the device. Tap on it to pair up.
* Go to the music or movie file, tap "Share via" and select "Wi-Fi" to send.

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  1. I have WiFi direct obviously on my Nexus 7. But when I use the share option, wifi direct is not on the list?