Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Use Google Wallet on nexus 7

Google Wallet is a payment system that lets you pay for purchases using the NFC chip in your Android device and works with multiple credit cards. It's really safe and offers several ways to lock down your account. With a software update, Nexus 7 also gets Google wallet support.

I sign up with Google Wallet. It takes a couple minutes for it to register and then I get a brand new card with the free $10 bonus. I went to buy something and paid in a local store using the $10 on my tablet. Everything works pretty. G Wallet transmits my card info to the reader and works without any WiFi data connection.

But my wife has got the issue. Every time she enter the info for paypass card on N7, Wallet does crash and brings up the "unfortunately wallet has stopped" error message.

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