Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Transfer photos from digital camera to Nexus 7 directly

I don't have computer at home. After taking photos on my Olympus E-PL2 digital camera with SD card, I want to transfer pics directly to the Nexus 7 without a PC/Mac. Is that a easy way to achieve that?

* If your camera supports MTP (media transfer protocol), you need to use an OTG cable without rooting required. Just hooking it to the N7, select the MTP option in the camera to copy them.
* If your camera doesn't support MTP, you need to root the tablet and install Stickmount app. Then you are able to use a USB OTG cable with a SD card reader or hook it directly as a mass storage device.

1 comment:

  1. $2 OTG cable from Amazon, plus USB cable that came with my Canon camera. Easy transfer of pics from camera to Nexus 7. No rooting or app needed.