Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Transfer files between nexus7 and android devices

You may love to send and receive files from one platform to another and have to move files to/from computers with micro USB cable. AirDroid for Android helps you transfer files and media between android devices and computer wirelessly and allows to control nexus 7 from web browser.

The setup is very easy. Once both devices and computer are on the same WiFi network and enter a six-digit password in AirDroid app, you are able to transfer individual files, music, photos and video media files from nexus 7 tablet to other phone or PC.

The app also offers other managerial tasks on your computer. Type the URL (a IP address with port) given by AirDroid in your browser and type a password code, you can uninstall apps, clipboard text, manage contacts/music, set wallpaper and view your N7's screen.

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