Friday, August 10, 2012

Remove Spam Ads in Notification Bar on Nexus 7

After I install some Android apps and games on my Nexus 7, recently I have started receiving random annoying spam and Ads in top notification bar and couldn't figure out why . A green circle or a yellow star often comes up in the middle and "a new app that was available" message shows in the notification. That is not harmful but readlly eats a lot of my time. HOw can I get rid of them?

AirPush Detector (Dan Bjorge) helps you detect which installed apps have the ability to send notifiers without consent to your notification bar. It works perfectly on Nexus 7 and helps finding the culprits. Now I can stop this pushy ad spam on the tablet.

1 comment:

  1. Having this same issue with strange ads on Nexus 7. I have also noticed these "unwanted" and annoying notifications. I will definitely have a look at AirPush Detector.