Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pocket Read It Later on Nexus 7

Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket offers the easy way to bookmark articles that you find around the web and save them in pocket and re-formats for easy reading. The app is loading fast,  and saves contents for offline viewing, such as articles, photos, and videos. It's a great life saver if you don not have time to read during the day.

Pocket works well and is indescribably smooth on my Nexus 7. The bottom navigation bar can change text size or brightness, switch to night modes and mark as read. With the search and filter options, easy to look only at specific things with tags. Saving videos only services with Vimeo and YouTube. Embedded photos is a huge disappointment. They are not always saved correctly and only show thumbnails on the tablet, without full-size images.

Overall, Pocket is a must-have app for Nexus 7.

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