Sunday, August 12, 2012

NFC Task Launcher Task Automation for Android

I have used NFC more than Google Wallet on Android tablets and phones. With a free app from Google Play, almost tag and NFC enabled devices can do the same sort of thing. NFC Task Launcher (Tagstand) allows you to use a single NFC tag to perform things using commands on Google Nexus 7, such as turn On/Off Wifi or Bluetooth, adjust volume, scan a tag in your car, set an alarm, even activate any task you have configured.

The cool feature is to have the ability to string tasks together and  do the actions with multiple users. If you stick an NFC tag in the car holder and slip your tablet into it, the tag could be bumped to disable WiFi, turn Bluetooth on and play music. Unfortunately, it has no functionality to kill apps.

NFC Task Launcher is basic task automation and easy to use with several tags, better than Samsung Tec Tile app. Just tap and go. I purchased the NFC tags from tagstand and it works exactly.

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