Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mp3 files not show up in Google Play Music App

I have putted a fair amount of mp3 files in sdcard/music location  on Nexus 7, I get an error about a file and songs don't show up in the Google play music app's library.. Then I tap on settings and do a refresh, but nothing happens. Obviously the app is not rescanning my storage for media.

How to fix mp3 file not showing up in Play Music App issue
* The Android OS have a "Media Scanner" system service. Try rebooting your tablet to perform a full rescanning. The "SD card rescan" app also help me check them and eventually everything shows up.
* If you use sideload the mp3's, you need to connect it to computer via USB, make sub-folders in the target folder.
* If there is not album but music show under artist, you need to edit their MP3 tags and set artist name and album name correctly.

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