Wednesday, August 15, 2012

iTV/BBC iPlayer Working on Nexus 7

By default Nexus 7 is lack of Adobe fLash player, so that iTV Player & BBC iPlayer are not working out of the box on the new Google tablet. You also cannot download the app from play store, because it requires the function of flash player. Here is a simple solution for make iTV/BBC iPlayer working fine on Nexus 7.

* You need to enable flash app on the tablet first.
* Install the latest Firefox Beta (the 15 version). Launch Firefox app, tap Main Menu in the upper right corner and choose Add-ons. Search for the "Phony" Add-on and install it. Then set Phony to Desktop Firefox.
* Go to the iTV/BBC website, and  Then watch videos in full HD quality streaming and full-screen mode.

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